Seven Spectator Events Punters Can Wager On At The Best SOL Sports Wagering Sites

published: Nov, 25, 2022

by: TC Staff

Nothing is as thrilling as being physically present in a stadium or event ground during games or matches. The buzz these matches bring is indescribable, leaving the fans in a heightened state of ecstasy. Notwithstanding if the team is losing or winning, the urge and motivation brought about by fans can change the game. 

Fans unable to go to the stadium live partake of this thrill using wagering sites. There are different crypto sportsbooks in the industry, so the choice of the coin isn’t an issue. Hence, this has led to the use of the Solana coin by many sports wagerers. 

SOL sports wagering sites are known for offering multiple spectator events for wagering. Furthermore, the bookies know that SOL sports betting  on spectator sports is one of the most productive wagering means. Also another benefit of operating with the SOL coin is that each sport has many wagering options.

 If your niche in wagering is spectator events, then you can satisfy your want with SOL sports wagering sites. On their platforms, you will find the most popular events and even the less popular to wager on on-site. Therefore, if you need help deciding what to pick, this article will help list seven spectator events offered by SOL sports wagering sites. 

Growth Rate Expected For Spectator Events Wagering On SOL Sports Wagering Sites 

Spectator events make up a high percentage of the sports wagering industry. Their consistent growth is helping by increasing the number of SOL sports wagering sites in the industry. 

Furthermore, the sports industry is adding innovations to its platforms, especially spectator sports. Different spectator sports are increasing the number of competitions played yearly to quench the high demand from fans. Many are already addicted to the thrill and need more events and tournaments to calm them down.

These new competitions are all added to SOL sports wagering sites, and wagerers can stake to their satisfaction. As of today, the main reason wagerers go to wager on sportsbooks is that they want to show their love and support for their teams or players. 

Also, spectator sports will continue to improve as managers add new teams and players to a particular competition or sport. Consequently, new technologies are also incorporated to make it better. For example, the EPL, the most populous soccer league in England, consistently adds new rules and technology at the end of every season. 

Seven Spectator Events Available On SOL Sports Wagering Sites

SOL sports wagering sites are big on their sporting events. Because they can compete with other top-tier cryptocurrencies, wagerers have various possibilities. For example, if you want to wager on your favourite team winning and your rivals losing, it can all be done on SOL sports wagering sites. Some of these available sports are available below: 

1. Soccer 

If your niche is soccer wagering, joining an SOL sports wagering site could be the best decision you have ever made. Since soccer is a significant sport, it is difficult for sportsbooks to add all of them to their platforms. 

Many offer only the top few,  while others are diverse in their offers. In addition, many countries have their football leagues and cup leagues. So wagerers may go into wagering expecting to see their nation’s company even if it isn’t popular. SOL sports wagering sites are still fresh in the industry, so they’ve gone out of their way to add nearly all competitions. 

2. Basketball 

Bookies that offer basketball wagering are numerous, which is down to the popularity of the NBA. In the whole of North America and Europe, basketball games are very lively. Since it is an end-to-end scoring game, the thrill is plentiful. Furthermore, teams are only allowed to field five players in basketball. Therefore, wagering on basketball is very productive, especially points wagering. Consequently, you can get decent odds on this outcome on SOL sports wagering sites.

3. Tennis

Apart from the grand slams, different tournaments are available all year round. Due to the high number of players, wagering options and games are fine. However, the major Grand Slams are what attract many fans or wagerers. Wagering on the smaller tournaments is also possible, as this is where other punters make a substantial profit. Tennis is an individual game, so enough research is needed.

4. Hockey

There are two types of hockey events on SOL sports wagering sites, Ice hockey and field hockey. Ice hockey is very common in Canada and USA, with the NHL being the most predominant competition.  At the same time, people play field hockey in parts of Europe and Africa.

5. American Football 

Although the game is played mainly in North America, it is watched by fans worldwide. The highly intense man-to-man tackling and match intensity are what attract many. In addition, American football is a very tactical game, with the NFL as its most popular league.

6. Rugby

Rugby is an international spectator sport, with many head-to-head national matches played. It bears a slight similarity to American football, and the game consists of two teams composed of 15 players each. Also, there are many rugby competitions like the rugby championship, six nations, and the rugby world cup. In addition, these tournaments are played frequently, with SOL sports wagering sites offering multiple wagering outcomes.

7. Boxing

Combat sports attract many wagerers, including celebrity wagerers. It is a sport in which nationality does not matter; fans want to root for a fighter who looks capable of flooring his opponents. As a result of the high number of soldiers, there are multiple weight divisions in boxing. These various weight classes have fights that occur frequently. Hence, wagering on boxing is easy as long as you have sufficient information about both fighters.


Spectator sports are dictating the operations of the sports wagering industry. Different sports are fielding multiple tournaments and competitions, increasing demand for sportsbooks. Therefore, with SOL sports wagering sites now in the fray, the selection of these tournaments on sports wagering is no longer an issue.

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