Top Tips for Wagering on the Grand Slam Tournaments

published: Nov, 03, 2022

by: TC Staff

The four grand slams represent the pinnacle of tennis. These are the tournaments that every player really wants to win, and they are the kind of events that truly capture the public imagination. Wimbledon or the US Open can even tempt those who do not usually follow tennis into placing a wager. But who to back? That’s a question that you need to approach differently for each tournament.  

Where to Wager 

Before we look at the four grand slams more closely, here’s a rule to apply to every tournament. Always shop around to check different bookmakers for the best odds. Think a little outside the box. For example, is better known for UFC wagering but also covers other sports and has great tennis coverage, especially around the grand slam events. 

Australian Open 

The opening grand slam in the tennis calendar is the hardest one to wager on as there are so many unknowns. One is whether the top players will even make it through – the Australian Open sees more retirements than any other grand slam tennis tournament, so check your bookmaker’s policy on that before you do anything else. The Australian Open has seen some great underdog victories over the years, not necessarily in the finals, but around the 4th round stage, so this could be a good area to focus your attention.  

French Open 

The most obvious difference between Roland Garros and the other grand slams is this is the only one played on clay. Rafael Nadal has won 14 of the last 18 French Open tournaments, and although he is now in the twilight of his career, there is every probability of him adding to that tally before he hangs up his boots forever. In general, however, remember clay is a slower surface that makes the players work harder, so back young, fit players with a proven record on this kind of surface. 


More wagers are placed on Wimbledon than any other tournament. Fans tend to bid with the heart over the head, so avoid the most popular players. For example in 2022, so many people backed Serena Williams for a fairytale comeback that bookmakers defensively shortened the odds – only for her to lose in the first round. The Wimbledon fans always get behind the British players, too, so avoid getting caught up in the hype and look for lesser-known players coming into form at the right moment.  

US Open 

Queens has the hardest surface of all the grand slam venues, and it plays into the hands of the best servers. Connors, Sampras, Federer, Evert and Serena Williams have all thrived here over the years, and each has had the best service game of his or her generation. Also keep in mind that coming at the end of the season, the US Open can expose any weakness, so fitness is important. If a player has even a slight niggle, it is likely to be exposed by the end of the tournament.  

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