Parlay Wagers: What are they and why are they Under-utilized by Tennis Wagerers?

published: Oct, 10, 2022

by: TC Staff

Tennis is a popular sport globally for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is a great sport to play for keeping fit and for the social element it embraces. Following tennis as a fan is also hugely entertaining and this makes it a hit with sports fanatics. You also have to factor in sports wagering when it comes to the popularity of tennis and how this has helped the sport grow of late.

Sports Wagering key to the current popularity of tennis  

Tennis wagering is something many people like to be involved with and has helped fans spend even more time following the sport. It has also helped current fans get even closer to the action and more involved with tennis on a regular basis. When you think of how people who might otherwise not have bothered with it have been exposed to tennis through sports wagering, it is easy to see how this has helped the sport to blossom. If you like to wager on tennis matches, a good tip is finding the latest picks and parlays to mull over.

This will not only enable you to find the best value wagers to make each day but also see which wagers seem most likely to come off. While wagering picks might be familiar to many, parlays are not always so well known. But what is this type of wager and why is it under-utilized in general by tennis wagerers? 

Parlay wagers – what are they? 

Whether it is reading a Wilson Ultra v4 racquet review or checking out the breaking tennis news, all fans want to stay informed on the sport. The same is true for tennis wagerers, who also want to be fully up to date, not only with what is happening in the sport but also what types of wagers they can make. 

But just what are parlay wagers? In simple terms, they are a specific type of wager you can make on tennis. They consist of multiple individual wagers combined into one large wager. The big draw is that they offer a bigger payout than making each wager individually. 

As an example, you may decide to back Carlos Alcaraz, Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev to win in a tournament. To do this as a parlay, you would combine these wagers into one when placing them – rather than placing them all individually.

Why are parlays so poorly used in tennis wagering? 

When it comes to why this sort of wager is under-utilized by most tennis wagerers, there are two main reasons. Firstly, they are just not a type of wager that many people know about! The second major reason parlays are not used by many tennis wagerers is that most people believe that it is very hard to win with them – this is because you usually have to win every individual wager in a parlay to take home your winnings. 

While this does make them a little tougher to win with, it is not impossible. The secret is to carefully choose the wagers you put into a parlay (ie those that stand a very high chance of winning) and try to find sportsbooks that carry parlay insurance. 

What types of parlay wager can you place? 

Although we have given a general description of what parlay wagers are above, there are actually a few distinct types you can place. As with parlays overall, these specific types are not used as much as they could be by tennis wagerers! But what are the different sorts you could try out?

  • Teasers these are comprised of multiple point spread wagers and/or point total wagers. Moneyline wagers are not usually allowed in teaser parlays.
  • Round robins – which allow you to place multiple parlays on tennis matches at the same time.
  • 3-way parlay this sees you placing a parlay wager with three individual wagers within it.

In addition to the above, you can also have parlays that contain different numbers of individual wagers – from four-way parlays all the way up to whatever you like! While more legs in your parlay means bigger wins, just remember that it also makes it harder for the parlay to succeed overall. 

It is also key to note that you do not have to stick to straight moneyline win wagers when putting your parlay together. Any wager a sportsbook lists can be included in the relevant type of parlay and this makes them very flexible. 

Parlay wagers for tennis wagering 

Parlay wagers are something that are generally under-utilized in tennis wagering, and this is a shame. There is no doubt that they can really add a lot of excitement to wagering on the sport. If you like to wager on tennis and have not tried them out yet, they are worth considering. 

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