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published: Oct, 04, 2022

by: TC Staff

Are you an avid tennis fan? If so, we know a place you’d love. The International Tennis Hall of Fame has everything you need to indulge your love of the sport. Whether you’re a keen player or prefer to watch from the sidelines, this museum is a must-visit. 

However, this attraction wasn’t always a tennis shrine! In fact, the hall of fame used to be the Newport Casino. If you’re looking for a gaming kick, you might want to try online casino games, as there aren’t any blackjack or poker tables here now – only rackets and sports history!

So, how much do you know about the International Tennis Hall of Fame? Are you planning a trip soon? Keep reading to get up to date on your knowledge before you visit. 

What is the International Tennis Hall of Fame?

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to the sport of tennis. Here, experts honor players and contributors while also drawing attention to the sport’s history. 

But, the hall of fame isn’t your average tennis museum. Alongside exhibitions and vintage objects, the building also boasts indoor tennis facilities, grass courts, tennis courts and a theater. You won’t get bored on your trip here. 

The International Tennis Hall of Fame was established in 1954, to save the building from financial ruin. At this point, the complex was both a museum and a casino, providing fun for all visitors.

This is a non-profit organization. The goal for the owners isn’t to profit off tennis fans but to preserve the sport’s history and celebrate its legacy. 

Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame?

Are you planning a trip there? Make sure you get the museum’s location correct!

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is situated in Newport, Rhode Island. Many visitors question why the tennis museum is Newport based, and it’s likely because the United States Lawn Tennis Association organized its first tennis championships on the spot in 1881. Of course, the complex was still a casino at that point!

Who is inducted here?

Halls of fame tend to induct influential and talented sportsmen, showing appreciation for their careers. Like other organizations, the International Tennis Hall of Fame has shown their gratitude for tennis greats worldwide. 

The first International Tennis Hall of Fame members were introduced and inducted in 1955, a year after the hall opened. The team continued to induct members and finally became recognized by the International Tennis Federation in 1985. 

Today, there’s a total of 252 inductees from over 23 different countries. Are your favorite players part of this group?

The tennis museum

The International Tennis Hall of Fame offers courts, a theater and much more. But one aspect of this complex you can’t miss is the museum experience. 

Curators here constantly improve their exhibitions, making tennis history interesting to all demographics. Today, you can find an interactive museum experience with over 2,000 different objects, 25,000 artifacts and thousands of old images and videos. 

This part of the hall of fame tells the tennis story throughout time. From a 12th-century game to the sport we know and love today, visitors are invited to take a walk down memory lane. 

Organizing a visit? The best way to explore this museum and complex is with a professional guide. The team provides group tours and guided tours, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

The tennis club

We can’t explore the International Tennis Hall of Fame without covering its premium tennis spaces. 

Here, you’ll find indoor tennis, outdoor tennis and court tennis. But these courts aren’t just for show! Since the 1880s, local players have used these courts, and still do today. 

Today, members can join this tennis club and enjoy playing on historical grounds. With 13 grass courts, six hard courts and one clay court, players are spoilt for choice. The club also boasts experienced staff and tennis professionals to help you find your swing.

Want to pair your tennis with a side of fitness? Members can access the club fitness center, a space equipped with cardio, weights, weight machines and stretching equipment. Fitness is important when you want to beat your opponents!

The takeaway

So, is your racket ready? Make sure you plan your visit well – you don’t want to miss a thing! From world-class tennis equipment to game-changing artifacts, this museum is designed to inspire all visitors. This is a sports museum you don’t want to miss. 

Will you make the trip there?

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