What Do Wimbledon Players Really Eat?

published: Jul, 04, 2022

by: TC Staff

Wimbledon is well-known for being the home of strawberries and cream. But you won’t find Wimbledon players eating this treat before a big match. Studies show that tennis players should eat a diet that’s high in carbohydrates to help them stay fuelled. This isn’t the only diet Wimbledon players swear by, though. Here are the most popular diets consumed by Wimbledon’s biggest stars.


One of Wimbledon’s biggest successes follows a plant-based diet. Novak Djokovic says his plant-based diet has had a hand in his Wimbledon wins. Djokovic refuses to describe himself as a vegan and also eats a gluten-free diet due to allergies. He says that his plant-based diet has improved his digestive system, given him more energy, and reduced joint pain. Djokovic shared his diet with his fans in his book Serve to Win. In it he details how he has a Power Bowl for breakfast, followed by nutrient-dense carbohydrates with vegetables for lunch, and soup or salad for dinner.

Fish & seafood

Two-time Wimbledon winner Rafael Nadal eats a diet rich in seafood. He has revealed that he eats a lot of seafood paella, shrimp dumplings, filtered seaweed, and steamed fish. Grand-slam winner Emma Raducanu is another fish lover. She says she has smoked salmon at least three times per day. It’s usually recommended that tennis players take supplements to ensure their bodies stay in top condition. Raducanu revealed to The Wall Street Journal that she takes probiotics for gut health. Other supplements Wimbledon stars could benefit from include supplements for brain health and joint health.

Raw diet

Venus Williams has been a vegan for more than 10 years. But she’s taken the diet one step further by opting for a raw vegan diet, which means she doesn’t eat food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The Five-time Wimbledon singles winner has Sjögren’s syndrome and had to take time off from playing tennis because of her condition. She overhauled her diet and now she’s back to her best. She states that “Knowing how important a role my diet plays keeps me on track.” Her usual breakfast is fruit or a smoothie, followed by protein and carbs for lunch when competing, and a vegan Cesar salad for dinner

A healthy, nutritious diet is crucial for tennis players at the top of their game. While there are several different diets that these players swear by, it’s clear to see that they’ve all worked.

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