How to Wager on Tennis: The Best Tips for Beginners

published: Apr, 26, 2022

by: TC Staff

Tennis is very popular with wagers around the world. However, there are many reasons why the outcome depends not on the whole team but on one athlete; on the court, everything can not be decided in one second, as in the boxing ring, etc. 

But how do you learn to win consistently by watching the masters of the racquet? To do this, most professionals use many strategies and systems to beat bookies and online cricket betting. But first, you have to learn to pay attention to the many details that directly determine the match’s outcome. So let’s look at the most important points.

Learning to choose the best odds and the best online bookmaker

For many newbies, this stage seems easy at first, but it causes confusion and generates a lot of questions. If everything is quite simple with the odds in tennis (it is enough to choose a few matches with the highest odds), it is worth focusing on other nuances.

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The most important aspect is the bookie’s attitude towards a technical defeat. So it makes sense to choose a bookmaker whose management refunds the wager amount in case of a technical defeat. Otherwise, you risk losing your money.

Looking for the right resource to analyze tennis matches

It would be best to look for the optimal site to collect as much statistics and other important data as possible. There are more resources on the Internet than the at the bookmakers’ offices, so it is not difficult to do. 

The main thing is the availability of the maximum amount of information about the courts and the tennis players themselves. Besides, most of these resources are ready to give you tons of statistics to analyze (how the chosen athlete plays this season, how they played at the particular tournament in the past years, etc.).

Don’t skimp on additional sources of information

Try to use other valuable resources as well. For example, you can learn more from players’ accounts on social networks about their health and from important official press conferences.

Evaluate the importance of the tournament

The more prestigious the competition, the more research and analysis there is for the fans and pundits to achieve. Before the next big event, tennis players can lose less critical and unimportant matches. It is important to track all results throughout the season.

Do not forget about the weather 

In general, weather conditions do not influence the results in tennis matches during rain, as matches are stopped. But it is worth noting that the outcome of matches in some Australian and American tournaments can be affected by sudden gusts of wind during play. They tend to give the more technical, short, and fast players an advantage.

Clay, grass, and hard-court surfaces have a significant impact on the performance of many athletes. Only very skilled players can succeed. Determining what an athlete can achieve on a specific type of court is easy – look at their stats from the last years of their career.

It depends on the time of the match

If you wager on tennis championships held at the beginning of the playing season, try not to make rash decisions. After all, it is still unknown what kind of shape any particular athlete is in. That’s why many pros ease into their first tournament back to avoid the risk of injury for the season ahead.

For most tennis players, tournaments like the Australian Open become a priority in the new season. And at the end of the playing year, every player on the both the women’s and men’s Tours aims to reach the Masters events.

Is it worth wagering on the exhibition tournaments?

There may be hundreds of the best athletes competing in official tournaments. But they put much less effort into winning such matches than in more prestigious competitions. And as most matches in such competitions end in three sets, it makes sense to wager on outsiders in an exhibition format, because the favourites are not as dialled in.

Getting ready to watch the matches!

The best chance of winning is watching the matches set by set. It is desirable to make a wager in live mode so that you can adjust your wager during the course of the match. After all, anything can happen during the contest (how many times have the favourites lost after a sudden conflict with the umpires or other unpleasant distractions), and it is from these moments that the outcome of the match is made. Finally, it should be noted that the site will help you choose the best event.

Varieties and features of online wagering

Making money on wagers without leaving the comfort of your own home is probably the dream of almost everyone. And making wagers over the Internet is very convenient. After all, now there is no need to spend a few hours visiting land-based bookmaker’s offices to make a wager.

In addition, there are other advantages of online wagering:

  • Analyze the match;
  • Study the odds and choose the best option for a wager;
  • Calculate the size of the wager made;
  • Read the results of previous matches and players

But if you are a beginner, you should first study which wagers are the most popular among the general fanbase at the moment.

Is it possible to succeed on wagering using specific strategies?

Experienced wagerers and even beginners create many different strategies for wagering on tennis matches. Some bring results, and other continue to work on their craft. In general, it’s best to follow the experts and do your own homework on which matches to wager on.

To make money on wagering, you need to choose a bookmaker that has experience and is credible. Each operator may have very different conditions for placing a wager. Therefore, when selecting a good bookmaker, you need to pay attention to several critical criteria, namely:

  • Methods of making a deposit and payment of funds won;
  • The functionality and usability of the official website;
  • The availability of a portal version and an application for mobile devices;
  • Bonuses;
  • The size of the odds for different sports;
  • Methods of registration and account identification;
  • The quality of the line and coverage;
  • Bookmaker’s reputation;
  • Reviews of current customers of the company

If in the process of choosing the right bookmaker is difficult, we recommend seeing where the wagering specialists wager themselves during the season.

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