Are you a big fan of tennis are searching for the best bookmakers in Ireland to wager on this entertaining sport? If you answered this question with an emphatic yes, then you are in luck since in the following guide we are going to provide you with the top five sports wagering sites for tennis fans in Ireland as well as take a look at some of the big tournaments to wager on, and provide you with some useful wagering tips. 

The Best Tennis Competitions to Place Wagers on

There are many different tennis tournaments throughout the tennis calendar year that tennis lovers can place wagers on, and all of the best sports wagering sites will have competitive odds and a variety of markets for every single one of them. However, there are some events that are more prestigious than the rest, and it is definitely more worth your while wagering on such tournaments because you can be sure that they players will pour their heart and soul into these events because of how prestigious they are. 

The biggest tennis events, in no particular order, are Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open. These are the four events that every tennis player dreams about winning, and the one of the biggest achievements that a player can make is winning all four of them in the same calendar year – this is called a Calendar Year Golden Slam. There have only been five winners of this, and these are Steffi Graf (1988), Margaret Court (1970), Rod Laver (1962 and 1969), Maureen Connolly Brinker (1953), and Don Budge (1937). 

Best Wagering Sites for Tennis

Below we are going to look at five top sports wagering sites for placing wagers on tennis. This list has been provided by, which just so happens to be one of the best sportsbook comparison sites out there at this moment in time. If you opt to use any of the following sportsbooks to wagers on tennis, we are pretty sure that you will have a quality gambling experience. 


Betway is a sports wagering site that has millions of customers from across the globe, and the main reason for this is the fact that they make sure that they have a lot of sports for their customers to place wagers on as well as a variety of markets and really good odds. When it comes to tennis wagering, you will always find a variety of markets for all of the top tennis events, and you will not be let down by the odds that are on offer. 

New tennis wagerers that open an account with them will get to take advantage of a quality Welcome Bonus, while their loyal customers will receive regular tennis promos to make sure that they carry on having an entertaining wagering experience. You will have a variety of payment options that you can make use of for deposits and withdrawals, while the customer support team will always be there to solve any problems that you might have. 


This sports wagering site arrived on the sports gambling scene in 1997, and since then they have gone on to become very popular in the UK, Ireland, and the rest of Europe. Not only do they have plenty of tennis wagering options available to you, but they have 33 sports that you can place wagers on, meaning that there will be plenty of other things that you can wager on when there is no tennis that piques your interest. 

For all of the sports that they have on offer, they have a wide variety of markets that help to keep boredom away. Also, the odds are always very competitive, so if you place a wager on tennis and it goes on to be a winner, you can be sure that you will land a tasty profit. To top it all off, they also have live streams that will regularly show tennis matches, so you can make wagers and follow it as it plays out. 


A lot of sites that Irish sports wagering fans can sign up with are not based in Ireland, they are just happy to accept Irish players. However, this is not the case with BoyleSports because they are based in the Republic of Ireland, and they have gone on to become one of the top sports wagering sites in the country. 

When it comes to wagering on tennis events, you will not be disappointed by the Boylesports betting options which is extensively covered in Betinireland’s review. You will be able to find a plethora of markets for tennis events that take place throughout the year, and you will never be disappointed by the odds that they have on offer. If there are no tennis events on that you would like to put your money on, then you can find plenty to wager on for other popular sports such as football, horse racing, and rugby. 

If you decide to make BoyleSports the bookmaker that you place tennis wagers with, then not only will you be able to claim a quality Welcome Bonus, but you will also have plenty of payment options to choose from, a live streaming service to make use of, and top customer support should you ever need any help. 

Paddy Power

This is another sports wagering site that is based in Ireland, and they came into being back in 1988. They have gone on to become really successful inside and outside of the Emerald Isle, and unless you have been stranded on a remote rock in the middle of nowhere for the last three decades, we are pretty certain that you have heard of them. 

If you opt to open an account with them, then you will find a wide variety of markets for all of the world’s most popular sports, and they offer top odds for all the sports that they have available. If you like to watch your wagers unfold, then you will be happy to find out that they have a live stream where you can usually find live tennis matches. To top it all off, they offer a plethora of payment options, great customer care, and top bonuses.


Betiton is a relatively new sports wagering site, having came into being in in March of 2020, but in the two years or so that they have been in existence, they have already shown the sports wagering world that they are here for a long and good time, and not just a good time. 

When it comes to wagering on tennis, you will find all the markets that you could ever wish to find, and you will never be annoyed by the odds that they offer since they are always very competitive. When there are no tennis events on that you would like to place wagers on, you will find markets and odds for 28 other sports such as football, cricket, horse racing, and greyhound racing. 

If you ever have any issues when you are wagering at Betiton, you will be able to get them solved pretty quickly thanks to the fact that they have some of the best customer care around. At the moment, they do not have a live streaming feature, but we are pretty hopeful that they will add one in the future. 

Tennis Wagering Tips

Whenever you are wagering on tennis, there are some very useful tips that you should always keep at the front of your mind. If you do, you can improve your chances of winning. 

Check out the Surface

Before you go and put money on a player to win a match, you have to look at the surface that the match will be played on. The best players in the world can play on any type of surface, but they will still have a kind of surface that they prefer. For instance, Rafael Nadal is one of the best clay players in existence, while Novak Djokovic is practically unbeatable on the cushion acrylic hard courts that are used in Australia. If you take some time to research the surfaces that the players love, then you can get a much better idea as to how they might perform at a particular event. 

Study Player Styles

When you are thinking about making some live wagers, you have to understand how particular players respond to certain situation. For instance, all players will act differently when they take the lead in a game or go behind. Some will be very good at saving break points, while other players will be good at winning break points. Additionally, some players always seem to start off strong and then fade as the match wears on. 

When you are placing wagers on tennis you need to take the time to do your homework and find out all that you can about the players that are on tour. Knowledge, at the end of the day, is power. 

Do Not Pay Much Attention to Head-to-Heads

Head-to-head stats are some of the most difficult to interpret. You will sometimes come across the scenario where players will have played each other recently and the one that was the favourite had odds of 1.70. However, he lost that match 3-1, so he now has odds of 1.80 to win against the same opponent. Thus, the last result was not worth much as all, and if the bookmakers are not paying much attention to the previous result, then you shouldn’t either.


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