What the Fedal Team up Means for Other Players in the Laver Cup

published: Feb, 16, 2022

by: TC Staff

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may team up in the fifth edition of the Laver Cup from 23rd to 25th September. Usually, major tennis tournaments pit the two talents against each other. We can judge Nadal as the winner between the pair owing to the 21 Grand Slam titles, one more than Federer.

This is not the first team-up of the two. Federer and Nadal teamed up at the maiden event in 2017 and earned the name “Fedal” due to their stellar performance where team Europe won. On paper, no other team comes close, and Team Europe will be looking to win the Laver Cup for the fifth consecutive time. It won’t be smooth seas for the pair, however. The two have replicated success on the highest levels countless times. They have different playing styles. But will their differing approach be their Achilles heel?

The Federer and Nadal Separating Factor

Roger Federer has long been sidelined with injury. The last time we saw the star in action was the Wimbledon’s cup in April 2021. He has been grappling with knee pain and underwent the third knee surgery. “I’m really looking forward to getting back into competition later this year, and the Laver Cup is very much part of my plan,” said Federer. Federer heaped praise on his European counterpart and showed the same interest to team up with him.

However, Federer’s lengthy inaction will be a problem for the pair. Certainly, Federer hasn’t lost his skills, but he may have lost his edge. Although he was not in the Australian opens, we saw the competitive nature of tennis come to the forefront. Rafael Nadal had to battle from two sets down to upset Daniil Medvedev. Tennis betting odds had predicted such a scenario. It came to pass as Nadal earned his record for most Grand Slam titles in the men’s singles.

The two are allies; however, there is much difference from 2017. Each player has personal ambitions, and it may be the dividing factor of the dream team. That being said, you cannot rule out the possibility of the best team in the World repeating the feat of winning the Laver Cup.

Team World Winning Chances

The Laver Cup pits team Europe against team World in combo matches. Team World faces an uphill battle against team Europe. We don’t gamble. We only state facts. The highest-ranked player in the team world is Felix Auger at number 12. Team Europe has six players in the top ten rankings.

Team World captain John Mc Enroe doesn’t have his work cut out like his counterpart team Europe’s captain Bjorn Borg. John has in the past had harsh sentiments about the Laver cup organization and professionalism. In the past event in Boston, McEnroe pointed out that “It’s difficult to sort of get, sort of, the respect that I think this deserves. It tears me up.”

McEnroe was sharing his opinions on the tournament organized by the precursor, 11 time Grand Slam winner Rod Laver. His comments came after Europe cruised to win the cup, beating team World with McEnroe captaining it.

Team World possesses its chest trove of talent, but they aren’t equally good as team Europe. The Fedal team will add more pressure to team World. However, tennis is a competitive sport, and we may see the unfathomable happen in the Laver Cup.

The Federer and Nadal Chemistry

Both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer recognize each individual’s talents and prowess in the sport. On the court, they are rivals, but off the court, they are great friends.

“Rafa is an incredible person and an inspiration to me and countless others around the World. He messaged me on social media after the Laver Cup in Boston last year suggesting we play doubles in London and I am definitely up for a Laver Cup ‘Fedal’ comeback,” Roger Federer commented on the team-up.

The Fedal team-up is the most revered and competent team heading into the Laver Cup. Team World is looking sharp, and history is bound to change for team Europe. However, the competition will be tough, and it may need the two to be at their sharpest.


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