Over the past few decades, the popularity of tennis has increased big time. This sport requires complete involvement in the process. Players have to be in great physical shape, have steel nerves, speedy reaction and of course and excellent training. Who knows, maybe all that makes tennis such a dynamic sport that attracts the attention of countless supporters all around the globe?

Tennis or Football?

Which sport is better – tennis or football? There’s no certain answer! It all comes down to personal preferences. While in football you support either your team or your country, in tennis you’re focused solely on one player. Some people find tennis more dynamic as there’s always a winner and football is all about teamwork. Interested in wagering on sports? Go to https://top10casinosguide.com.


The best tennis players

Andre Agassi stands out from the rest of the tennis players of the 90’s. During his long career, he has gained an impressive number of Grand Slam titles: from 4 Australian Open and 2 US Open to 1 French Open and 1 Wimbledon. He is the first male player who won all four Grand Slams and achieved an Olympic Gold medal.

It’s also impossible not to mention John McEnroe. No doubt, he is one of the greatest tennis players of all times. Up to this date, McEnroe still holds the record for most men’s singles and doubles titles totaling 155 tournament wins. Read more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_Greatest_of_All_Time

Another legend is Jimmy Connors. The American is known for his 160-week reign as the number one men’s player in the world. His record was only beaten three decades later by Roger Federer and most recently by currently world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. Connors still holds the record for most men’s single titles.


Tennis is the most wagered sport. Isn’t it?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports of all times. And that’s exactly why it’s the fourth-most wagered on sport. The International Tennis Federation holds more than a thousand tournaments annually. It’s more than ninety three thousand matches. So, there’s always something to wager on. For example, when Andy Murray reached the Wimbledon final for the first time in 2012, over £58 million was wagered on the match.


Wagers on tennis deserve the attention of sports fans. It’s been only growing in popularity, which results in bookmakers providingfairly wide coverage. Plus, it’s interesting to watch tennis matches. As it’s a single sport, everything depends on only one athlete, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.


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