How to Make a Predictions in Tennis Matches?

published: Jan, 17, 2022

by: TC Staff

Tennis players’ matches spark interest not only among fans, but also among wagering enthusiasts. A lot of wagering techniques and strategies are sharpened for tennis in wagering. Unlike team sports, the result in tennis depends on only two people, whose features are easier to study. We suggest you read this article to make sure that you take into account all the important details on which the success of wagering on tennis depends.

How to make a successful prediction in tennis matches? 

Tennis pre-match analytics, at first glance, may seem much more complicated than other sports, and many factors influence this. However, professional wagerers increasingly prefer tennis wagering. Here are a number of the most significant factors affecting the pre-match analysis.

Court coverage

Coverage affects a lot in a tennis match. In tennis, the most common types of coverage are dirt, grass, carpet and hard. 

Of course, each of these coatings has its own characteristics, the main of which is the bounce of the ball. On dirt surfaces, the rebound turns out to be slow and high, which usually reduces the importance of a good serve, and the game at the same time becomes longer and thinner. On the ground, the advantage is given to technical and at the same time psychologically balanced players. On a grass surface, the serve is more important, and, consequently, players with a powerful serve have a significant advantage over their opponents.

It must be said that due to the fast and low bounce, the game on the grass surface is usually played in no more than 3-4 strokes. Note that in the sense of rebound, the hard surface is considered the most honest, which reflects the real strength of tennis players.


Without a detailed statistical analysis, it is not possible to make a pre-match analysis. Nothing can give such a volume of information about the upcoming match as the world of numbers. First, pay attention to the percentage of wins on the first and second serves, as well as the percentage of games won on your serve. If you decide to wager on a weaker athlete, then it is thanks to these indicators that you can most accurately find out about his ability to hold out in a match against a favorite.

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Rating of tennis players

In our list, we did not put a rating below coverage for nothing. This is because the difference in the style of play of more tennis players on different types of surfaces is so significant that often the rating simply loses its significance. Some analysts even take into account the rating of tennis players in the last place in making forecasts, because it often confuses than it helps.

The status of the tournament and the motivation of athletes

The psychological moment, namely the motivation of the player, is one of the decisive aspects in the preparation of the pre-match analysis. It is motivation, all other things being equal, that will be the decisive factor that will influence the outcome of the match. In addition, you should know that prize money is not the only component of motivation, a player can have additional motivation by playing at home and receiving support from the stands. It is also a good motivation to increase your rating, personal relationships between players, etc.

Of course, the status of the tournament is also considered one of the decisive motivational factors. With small competitions, you need to be careful, even if serious tennis players take part in them. Often in such tournaments they play only for the prize money for participation, and they can fly out already in one of their first rounds.

Face-to-face confrontations

In almost every sport, and tennis is no exception here, there is the concept of a principled, convenient and inconvenient opponent. And it often happens that a top-class player with great difficulty copes with any of the tennis players in the second hundred. In such cases, the inconvenience lies in the style of play, in the manner of serving, as well as in which player’s working hand is left–handed or right-handed. However, even here one should not lose sight of such a moment as the type of coating, because an inconvenient opponent on the ground can be easily defeated on a grass surface.

The current form of athletes

Try not to bet on players who are higher in the rankings, but at the same time their form makes you doubt. Bitter experience clearly shows that such bets very rarely bring profit to betters. In such a situation, it is better to choose the opposite tactic – to bet against a favorite who is not in the best shape at the moment. By applying this strategy correctly, you will be able to get into the plus.

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