Online wagerers love to wager on tennis and, alongside horse racing, greyhound racing and football, tennis ranks as the best-loved sports to wager on. The ATP, WTA and Challenger Tours from across the globe means there’s always an exciting match about to begin. Many of the world’s leading sportsbooks offer odds on the biggest competitions, including Wimbledon and the French Open, often months in advance of the first match being played or the draw for the first round being made.

The best sports betting sites in Canada are no different with bookies offering outright wagering odds as well as markets on upcoming fixtures. Taking advantage of recent changes to the laws regarding online wagering in the region, Canadian bookies can now offer an increased number of wagering markets. 

Wager on the outright champion of the Australian Open, match winner, set correct score, the total number of sets, handicap and more. The options are exciting, and there’s a thrilling tennis wagering market to suit all players. It can all be done at the touch of a button using your home computer or smartphone, and in this article, we explain how.



Research is key

Wagering on the outcome of tennis matches and competitions is no different from wagering on any other popular sport. Research is key, and the more you know about a fixture, the more chance you’ll have of beating the bookies. Knowledge is power in getting one over on the traders at your favourite sportsbook, and it’s not difficult to get your hands on the information you need. A simple internet search should arm you with the tools you need to take on the traders and target a profit.

Research, research, research. You should know that you can’t do enough reading on a match. It’s impossible to have too much information. You want to know everything about the tournament, the weather and the crowd. You should be fully up to speed on any injuries a player is carrying, the games they have been involved in and their recent form. It’s crucial that you know your chosen player’s frame of mind and how their opponent is shaping up. Is there any danger of an upset?

Other things to look out for are head to head scores. How many times have the players met before in competitive action, and what have the results been? Is the head to head scores competitive or one-sided? Look at the scores and seek out any clues from the number of sets, the results and even the winner of the first set. Anything that could help you make a prediction on the latest match.

Get the best odds

When wagering on tennis, it’s not enough to simply make a winning wager. A successful sportsbook wager isn’t just one that wins and returns you a profit. It’s one that wins at the right price. You want to be gambling at the most generous odds every time to ensure your stake is working as hard as possible on your behalf. Seek out the market best price on every wager you place.

The easiest way to do this is to check any respected wagering odds comparison app. There, you will find all the odds offered on your chosen wager with the biggest price in bold. That’s the bookie you should be wagering with.

Gamble in-play

You can wager on a tennis match before the first game but waiting until the in-play wagering is available could increase your chances of making a profit. With in-play betting, most of the original markets remain live and available to gamble on. The odds are updated to reflect the score and flow of the contest. A wager is as exciting and just as possible in the closing games as it was before the start.

Watch the match closely on TV and look out for any hints, tricks or tips that are available. These include an underdog performing above expectations or the favourite coasting early, looking like a straight sets win could be on the cards. When betting in-play, you have more information on how the players are performing and a better chance of beating the bookies.


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