Famous Tennis Players That Might Promote GamStop

published: May, 24, 2021

by: TC Staff

When it comes to online wagering we have two well-known facts that affect the United Kingdom. First of all, tennis is a very popular sport. Secondly, GamStop is the most popular self-exclusion scheme provider in the country. If we mix the two, we can see that it would be great if certain tennis players would promote this platform. But, which ones are the best for this purpose? Let’s find out.

Tim Henman

Timothy Henry Henman is one of the best-known tennis players in the world. He is a retired UK player that reached the semi-finals in the prestigious Wimbledon tournament since Roger Taylor who did that in the 70s. He didn’t win or better said he didn’t win any Grand Slam but he reached the semifinals of various tournaments 6 times. He also holds 15 ATP titles. These are 11 in singles where he played solo and also 4 where he played with a partner. Back in the day, he was popular among wagerers at the wagering sites not on GamStop such as CasinoGap.org and also all UK casinos.

Tim was born in 1974 and he is 1.85 meters tall. He became a professional back in 1993 and retired back in 2007. Believe it or not, during his competition, he won over $11.6 million. His higher ranking was number 4 and it occurred back in 2002. He participated in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta representing the United Kingdom.

Tim Henman would be an ideal tennis player to represent GamStop and to promote it. Reasons for that are obvious. He has been one of the best UK players and he is known for passionate games and plenty of fans that are still present. All of that became possible once people realized that he is one of a kind tennis player who has been the first to achieve many things in this prestigious sport.

Dan Evans

Dan Evans is currently the most popular British tennis player. He is a professional athlete, as you may know. Daniel was born in 1990 and he became a professional tennis player in 2006. He is 1.75 meters tall and he is right-handed. An interesting fact is the number of coaches that coached this athlete. There are many of them and we can see that most of them worked with the player for just one year or even shorter. This is because Evans seeks perfection and he is planning on becoming one of the best tennis players in the world.

Due to his obvious popularity and interesting game style, he is the ideal representative to make GamStop even more popular. He can be seen as one of the most common wagering options for bettors which proves obvious.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is one of the best-known tennis players in the world. He comes from Scotland and he was the number one tennis player back in 2016. Back then, he was the best player for 41 weeks and was considered one of the best tennis players of all time. During his career, he won over $61 million which is one of the highest winnings in tennis ever. He is a right-handed tennis player who became professional in 2005. His coach has been Jamie Delgado since 2016.

Due to simple yet massive popularity, Murray is just the perfect candidate to promote GamStop. He is a known player in all parts of the country and in all parts of the world which makes him capable and a successful promoter. GamStop would definitely reach new horizons thanks to this tennis player and will become even more popular across the United Kingdom.

Joe Salisbury

Joe Salisbury plays tennis in doubles and he is one of the best UK players in this scenario. He was born in 1992 and his highest achievement is number 3 on the ATP list that occurred back in 2020. He is also known for his winnings which are impressive. He is one of 4 players from the UK who won Wimbledon and he also won Australian Open back in 2020 playing with Rajeev Ram.

Joe Salisbury would make GamStop more popular across the country and also more appealing to all tennis fans. This player has lots of them so promoting the self-exclusion scheme provider would be just perfect. He is also one of the younger tennis players which would make the platform in question more appealing to players of different ages.

Cameron Norrie

Cameron Norrie is at the moment the best player from England. He is ranked as number 2 on the ATP list among doubles. He was born in 1995 and he plays tennis for the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is a left-handed player that has been working with a few coaches. Currently, he is coached by Facundo Lugones.

Cameron Norrie would be an ideal person to promote GamStop because he plays for New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This means that he could promote GamStop in two countries and make it an international platform with the potential to reach all parts of the globe and help a million players.


These are some of the best tennis players you can see these days and every one of them could be a valuable asset to GamStop. They could make the platform more popular, more effective, and also available in all parts of the globe.

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