Tennis is an extremely popular sport among students lately. The popularization of tennis
is promoted by the numerous multi-level tournaments held in the United States and around
the world. Tennis has many benefits as a profession. Among them: excellent physical
development, correct lifestyle, tennis players have good health, stable income from product
placement, very high salaries, the opportunity to gain worldwide fame, professional growth.
In addition, even after the end of his career, the athlete will not be left without work. On
top of that, you can get a tennis scholarship and alternative education. Interested? Then
read on!

If you love tennis and have practiced this sport, then you could consider getting a college scholarship. Many students think about what subject they should pursue in college. And for those that have a passion for tennis, this might be even more challenging and demanding. Playing tennis is probably one of your biggest passions, but you want at the same time to live the academic years and gain theoretical knowledge.

Many would say that these two goals conflict, but this is not true. It may indeed be more challenging to practice tennis and learn for your essays or exams, but the experience of being in tennis college teams is like no other.

Your tennis scholarship can help you pay the college tuition. However, it is good to know that every college that is offering a tennis scholarship is looking at your experience and grades. Here are some tennis scholarships for college student-athletes.

The New York Ramblers Scholarship for Student Athletes

Everyone can practice any type of sports they want, no matter their religion, marital status, or sexual orientation. However, it is increasingly difficult for those who identify themselves as being gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender to find teams and colleagues to play with. Discrimination is still present in our society, but this tennis scholarship aims to silence it.

The New York Ramblers Scholarship is offered to high school graduate athletes by the Stonewall Foundation. This tennis scholarship is specially designed for applicants that are open about being in the LGBTQI community and who are between 15 and 21 years old. This scholarship is offered to two athletes yearly and is worth $2,500, a considerable amount of money that can motivate LBGTQI tennis athletes to pursue academic education.

To apply to this scholarship, you need to fit the age requirements, as well as be open regarding your sexual orientation. You will also be asked to submit a folder with documents such as recommendation letters, the application form, previous sports achievements, essays, and a personal statement. Your personal statement is your business card, so it’s essential to pay attention to how you craft it and convey the message. If you feel overwhelmed by it, look for an impressive personal statement writing service that can support you in this process and help you get the scholarship. The application deadline is June 21, 2021.

Norman and Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship

The Norman and Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship is awarded yearly to 4 high school graduates that have an outstanding academic record. You can apply by May 1, 2021, and submit the folder with all the required documents. You are asked to write an essay where you discuss your career goals, submit letters of recommendation and other documents such as the application form.

This scholarship is worth $2,000 and aims to support young athletes that are supporting the community and social causes. If you are among the tennis athletes that have always wanted to help the community through volunteering service and not only, then this scholarship is for you.

Lee Brennan Memorial Scholarship

The Brennan Family decided to fund this scholarship after the tragic accident of their son, Lee Brennan. He was an amazing and outstanding athlete who was a player for the CIF championship football team. If you love tennis, then this scholarship might be the one you are looking for. It is awarded yearly to high school seniors that are playing a team or solo sport. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2021, and you need to fill in the application form and write two essays. The awards this year are $40,000. It is still unknown how many students will be awarded; however, the scholarship is between $5,000 and $10,000 per student.

Hy Zolet Student Athlete Scholarship

The Hy Zolet Student Athlete Scholarship is looking for young athletes that resemble the qualities of Hyman Zolet. He was an incredible athlete, devoted to helping those in need. This scholarship is awarded to those high school seniors who demonstrate the highest level of responsibility, fairness and work ethic.

The amount of the scholarship is $4,000 and is yearly awarded to 4 students. To apply, you need to write an essay about your career goals, but also your past experience as an athlete. Fill in the application form and make sure you also have a recommendation letter. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2021, and any athlete from Baltimore can apply.


Being an athlete is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are still in high school. You need to practice but also learn for school. And when graduation comes closer and closer, tennis athletes think about pursuing academic education. Getting a tennis scholarship is possible for college student athletes. This scholarship can help you cover the tuition fees and focus on your practice and academics. All these four scholarships are addressed to athletes that are passionate about sport and have an outstanding performance. Make sure you write your essay by the deadline and have all the documents.

Author Bio: Judy Nelson is a content writer that currently works at an essay writing service. Judy helps students craft compelling and powerful essays and personal statements. Her hobbies are traveling and reading.


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