If you are looking at finding the right sports wagering Singapore you should make sure that you are looking at tennis. This might not seem like a popular event or option for wagering, but you can wager on the games. There are numerous tournaments that you can wager on for both women and men that happen nearly every week starting in November that gives you plenty of other options. Here is everything that you need to know about how the game works and what wagers to look at.

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How Tennis Works

The first thing that you need to know about is how tennis works and the scoring system since it might seem odd to begin with. However, it is relatively easy since the first player to get 4 points and wins by 2 will win the entire game. Nobody really knows why, but the first point is called 15 with the second being 40, the 3rd is 40 and if you are losing it is love.

The deuce would come into play only when both of the players have 40 points and they will continue playing until one of them wins by having 2 points. The first player that reaches 6 games would win the complete set. If you win 2 out of the 3 sets, then you normally win the match. The tournaments normally start out with around 128
players that are then whittled down over a series of levels.

If you know how the game is played and what the scores are, then it will be easier for you to start wagering on tennis. Make sure that you are looking at and watching some of the top players so you can understand how the game is played and scored easier. You need to know everything about tennis before you can start to wager, especially if you want to win large amounts of money.

Ways to Wager on Tennis

Just like the other events in the world there are numerous ways to wager and that doesn’t change from basketball, baseball, cricket and much more. You want to make sure that you know how you can gamble and what you can gamble on.

Some of the top ways to wager on tennis includes:

1. Winners – If you are interested in wagering on various tournaments one of the most popular type of wager is who is going to win. This would mean that you are taking a specific tournament like the Australian Open and wagering on who would win. These wagers would be made in the moneyline format, which means that you would win a specific amount of money for every specific amount that you wager.

This type of wager might not have as much value and there are odds that would be placed on every single player in the line up. Make sure that you are researching all of the players on the field and then making sure that you decide who you think would win. You don’t have to just wager on the entire competition when you are looking for your favorites, but you can also wager on just one of the matches and who would win it.

2. Handicap wager – Another option is the handicap wager is is when you choose 1 player to beat another specific player with a certain number of games in total. This would be added up and calculated from all of the sets that are played, which is done for every player. If you are going to consider this type of wager you are going to need to look at the players and who you think would beat who from the start of the competition.

3. Set based – Another great wager type that you can try for is the set based and that would mean how many sets each of the matches would need to be won. This often is when you would be wagering on the final score, which would be exact and who would be playing against who. However, these have favorable odds, but they can be hard to win.

4. Futures – If you want to gamble on one of the upcoming competitions that hasn’t even started, then you want to look at the future option. This would let you place your wager months or even a few weeks in advance about what you think would happen. This might mean that you are wagering on a specific player to win a specific upcoming competition. This has favorable odds, but there is a higher risk level that you need to consider.

5. Live – The final wagering option that you can look at and that you need to know about is the live wagering. This would allow everyone to gamble on any matches that are currently being played, which can be very exciting. You never know what is going to happen since the odds and scores are always changing. This means you can get favorable odds and you can easily place your wager for the other player to win or comeback from the bottom. These can only be placed while the event that you are going to place the wager on is occurring and not before or after.

Make sure that you know what these types of wagers are when it comes to tennis so that you can be prepared. The more you know, then the easier it will be for you to choose the right wager that you would want to use and how to place it. This is going to make everything simpler for you, so go ahead and get ready for the seasons o you can start making your wagers and winning money.

You need to do your research before you start wagering on tennis, especially if you don’t know how the game is played. You must know how the score is calculated and how a player will be able to win a set, the match or even the entire competition.

Ensure that you are looking at all of the wager options and then picking the one that fits your needs and even the type of wager that you want to place.


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