Turning Your Love of Tennis into a Coaching Business

published: Apr, 10, 2020

by: TC Staff

Tennis coaching has, in turn, been described as “ the world’s best and worst job.” Potentially offering professionals the chance to travel the world and help players achieve a professional career in the game while earning a good salary, it is also a demanding job that can sometimes involve being away from one’s family during tours. If you have been playing tennis or touring for many years and you’d like to focus on  finding and helping new players, you may be considering opening a tennis coaching business of your own.

Obtaining Certification

Not all practicing coaches are certified, but if you want your business to go places, it is a good idea to obtain USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) and/or PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) certifications. As a coach, you can be part of both organizations at once and avail of benefits such as discounted clothing, equipment and other coaching resources. Both require candidates to demonstrate a certain degree of knowledge and ability. The difference between both organizations is the level of specialization. The USPTA certification is geared more towards those wishing to teach players of all ages and levels, while PTR focuses more on specific groups depending on age and ability. Obtaining certification involves passing practical and theoretical requirements alike.

Protecting Staff

Although tennis is not a high-risk sport, any staff you hire does have a chance of injury while carrying out their post. To protect your business,  fitness business insurance that covers injuries experienced by coaches should be obtained. This type of insurance covers medical expenses (both during and after the injury) and lost wages. It will also cover your business against litigation-related fees for courts, attorneys, settlement, and the like. In addition to insurance, you should implement safety policies and training so as to  reduce the likelihood of injury.

Marketing Your Business

Branding and other marketing strategies can  make or break any business and tennis is no exception. It all begins with conducting thorough research on your target market, which will determine the style and ethos of your logo, website, and social media channels. Around 61% of sports fan following sports online and that means that everything from your website to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels should be in line with your brand ethos. If you are aiming at a high-end market, for instance, your imagery should be sharp and your audiovisuals professionally edited. Don’t forget TikTok; it has become  the latest viral video sensation, so make sure to upload dynamic, fun content that will receive many shares.

Establishing Your Company as an Authority

Social media is also the perfect avenue through which to establish your tennis academy or coaching business as a leader in the industry. Do so by using your channels and media like LinkedIn to share important information and tips. By providing authentic value in your content, viewers are more likely to follow you and to regularly click on your channels to receive crucial advice.

If you are passionate about tennis and your knowledge and ability are of a high standard, it might be the right time to open the coaching school or business you have always dreamed of. Start out by ensuring you obtain the right qualifications. These will stand you in good stead when it comes to attracting top talent. Make sure to cover your staff and yourself against injury. Finally, give due importance to your marketing strategy, ensuring your social media channels are slick and professional when it comes to imagery, content, and design.

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