Come for the tennis, stay for everything else: Indian Wells and Miami pave the way for the French Open

published: Feb, 19, 2020

by: Charles Blouin-Gascon

You know what’s even better and more fun than watching tennis on television?

That’s right: actually catching the wonderful tennis matches you watch on television in person and on-site at the tournaments. Roger Federer’s serve and overall grace, Novak Djokovic’s contortions and backhand down the line, it’s all more impressive when it’s happening a mere few fee in front of you.

Steve Furgal’s International Tennis Tours Inc has now been offering and granting tennis (and travel) fans the opportunity to combine two great pleasures of our time, namely to travel to new places and to watch great tennis matches. The company’s official website will say the following:

[They] built a commitment to outstanding service and premium tours. In addition to superb Centre Court tournament tickets, complete vacation packages include unparalleled accommodations, optional air, transfers, special events, exciting activities and uncompromising service.

Of course, you might read the above and think that such companies are dime a dozen but that’s definitely selling Steve Furgal short. For one thing, this company is the official travel partner of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the US Open, not to mention having a direct in with the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and a slew of other big events. For another, they have developed world-class tennis holidays for more than 40 years; longevity isn’t the end all, be all of things but it’s certainly one thing to take into account.

And look, waddayaknow the BNP Paribas Open just happens to be the next big item on the tennis calendar.

The Indian Wells site has long been one of the most stunning settings in the world to watch tennis and with Steve Furgal, you can experience it all, the sunny California desert and the memorable tennis matches, in person. Here’s the part where you’d love so much to head there for the “fifth Grand Slam” of the world on March 9, but we’ll have to be the bearer of bad news here: the packages for Indian Wells are all sold out for March 2020.

Not all is lost however, because Indian Wells leads right into Miami Open—and Steve Frugal can help you there too. Wouldn’t it be great to head to Miami to witness the top 96 men and women players compete in the brand new Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens?

But of course, that only leaves you a month to plan things out; some folks might even find it’s too quick of a turnaround. In this case, then perhaps it’s best to plan things a bit more ahead of time—like, say, look ahead to the big prize of the clay court season in May for Roland-Garros, the second Grand Slam of the year?

What could be better than to watch the great Rafael Nadal compete and excel against the very best in the world, lording over all the same way a king would over his kingdom?

It’s a trick question because there wouldn’t be anything better.


Charles Blouin-Gascon

I'm the mastermind (I use this word very generously) of the 'Tennis Elbow' column, which looks at the previous week in the world of tennis. I try to bring humor to my coverage, because life's much better when you're smiling. I can also hit a mean backhand down the line.

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