Top 4 Online Games for Tennis Fans

published: Feb, 11, 2020

by: TC Staff

Over the past few years, tennis games for the online casino sector have seen a reignited popularity, and a brand new set of titles have encompassed full tennis video slots. Hundreds of games have seen release since 2018, and the latest versions of tennis-related games have received high acclaim from fans and industry watchdogs.

Uncanny representations of racket bearing tennis celebrities are entertaining true gaming fans that get options to select different players, change team modes, make transfers. Advanced games feature now include live updates and online mode change options. The niche has become vibrant, and cross-platform and device capabilities have played a part in this popularity. Gamers who are partial to the sport have an array of the best 4 online games for tennis fans at their disposal, each of them having unique features and offerings.

Tennis Star

This is an absolutely enjoyable slot from Playtech software that activates many benefits, including 40 per spin pay lines that are live in-play. With a fair chance guarantee for a chance at winning, the tennis star slot has a reasonably long term expected percentage payout. The tennis theme is carried forward through all the games reel and scatter symbols, providing a perfect backdrop for each standard level.

Additional bonuses and instant cash payouts are dependent on a player’s score, and bonus games usually trigger more often than on gambling games at online casinos like you can see here.

Center Court

This is one of the best online games for tennis fans offered by Microgaming Inc. and comes in a downloadable platform format that is themed around the sport. Center court slot has a set play that results in nine pay lines with reel symbols representing tennis players and a hidden trophy symbol that acts as a wild for stacked reels. A jackpot 1000 coin payout is possible when the stacked trophy reels and wilds spin increase and a simplistic bonus game has the potential for a high payout.

Available in a free play mode, the center court online casino game for tennis fans features a bonus play that follows the lines of guessing the next playing card’s color type of prediction game. With straightforwardness and ease of understanding, the center court gives punters a higher probability of turning low value wins into much higher paying slot combinations. But for those who want to try a completely new game, a 5 minimum deposit casino option is also available.

Golden Games

Anyone interested in a sports-themed casino game will love Golden Games, an Olympic tennis-related slot that features associated symbols. A plethora of low and high stake levels will give out 25 pay line options within its five video reels that accords inexpensively valued coin settings. An easy to understand and play online game themed mainly on tennis, the slot enables players to stay under the maximum number of pay lines.

A collection of instant play free spins are triggered by three or more scatter symbols during the base game’s play with rewards available immediately. Optional gamble games are available without additional obligations, which generate casino play card predicting bonus rounds that double the base game’s combinations payout values.

Virtual Tennis Open

If you’re looking for where the tennis action is, the new big gambling casino game is Virtual Tennis Open. This RNG based live betting casino offering that features ultra-realistic gaming options, betting options choice, and clearly favorable odds for real money payouts. The game had had a successful response at land-based casinos before several popular online platforms adopted Virtual Tennis Open to overwhelming acclaim.

A tennis simulation online casino game, Virtual Tennis Open offers advanced 3D graphics appearances that combine various US Open and Wimbledon titles for a 24/7 available betting experience. The quick alternation between matches is possible, and there are options for close-ups, all angle replays, and real broadcast game setting situations.


Taking home big cash by hitting aces is the slots way of mimicking betting on tennis championship games while live betting action will enthrall any fans of this racket bursting sport. The best online games for tennis fans will serve uploads of smooth afternoon-whiling fun for which you can set competitive sets in cutting edge 3D graphics.

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