If you’re fairly new to tennis, you might have questions about which tennis racket to purchase. For instance, many people wonder if they should buy a lighter or heavier racket in order to improve their game. There isn’t one right answer to this question, so the choice between a lighter or heavier racket may come down to your personal preferences and what areas of your swing need the most improvement.

Lighter Vs. Heavier Tennis Rackets

To determine which weight of tennis racket to buy, you will want to consider impact, speed, endurance, and maneuverability.

Heavier Tennis Rackets

A heavier tennis racket will absorb more of the impact shock. Some players say this actually gives you the benefit of avoiding so much shock to your arm. Typically, heavier rackets can also help you return faster and more powerful shots with less effort. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, you may actually be able to play longer without suffering from aches and pains with a somewhat heavier racket than a lighter one.

If these are considerations for you, you might decide to use a somewhat heavier tennis racket. Of course, you should also consider your arm strength when you consider the racket’s weight.

Lighter Tennis Rackets

On the other hand, lighter tennis rackets might make it easy for you to react faster. This extra ability to maneuver quickly can be an asset when you’re playing close to the net or against a very agile opponent. If you find that you can’t react quickly enough with a heavier racket, you might decide to try a lighter one to see if it will help.

With a lighter racket, you also shouldn’t get so worn out just from holding and using it as you might with a heavier one. Just keep in mind that lighter rackets will generate less of their own power, so you actually need more powerful swings to return shots with as much force when you use a lighter racket. Also, since your body will need to absorb more of the impact from the ball, you may actually be more likely to suffer from eventual stress injuries.

Which Tennis Racket is Best for You?

It’s probably best to choose as heavy as a tennis racket as you feel comfortable using for extended periods of time. Make certain that you possess the arm strength to hold onto it during your games. Also, consider how quickly you can move your arm when you need to react quickly.

It’s impossible to say which weighted racket is the best tennis racket for everybody, so you’ll need to try a few different options and make your decision. However, also keep in mind that once you make a decision, you should probably stick with the class and style of racket as much as possible when you’re practicing or even competing. Even slight changes in weight can impact your game.

Once you’ve decided upon a heavier or lighter racket, try to stick with it for awhile. It takes some time to adjust to a change. With more experience you can make better informed decisions if you need to make a switch in the future.


  1. This isn’t true “Just keep in mind that lighter rackets will generate less of their own power, so you actually need more powerful swings to return shots with as much force when you use a lighter racket.” It’s the opposite. Most of the heavier racquets like the RF97A, Six One 95, and Head Prestige MP are low powered and you need to use your own power on full swings. They offer more control. Lighter racquets like the Pure Drive or Head Speed racquets have more pop.


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