Things to Know Before Placing a Bet on Tennis

published: Dec, 02, 2019

by: TC Staff


If you are not familiar with tennis betting, it can seem daunting. But there are a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge of tennis betting.

The tennis calendars on women and men run throughout the year apart from December when they take a break. This means that there are more than enough matches for you to watch and bet. Here is a guide on the basics of tennis betting, how betting works, and factors to consider before betting.

Basics information about tennis

Tennis is among the most famous sports across the world, and it has millions of followers each year. The game consists of two players contesting against each other. Both sides of the court have nets, and a player has a racket to hit the ball into the opponents’ court. There is also double tennis, where a team of two players plays with another group of two.

A player scores points by hitting the ball to win games, sets, and lastly, the match. For a shot to be considered valid, a player must hit it to land on to the other players’ court. You can earn points by forcing your opponent into a mistake, for example, them missing the court, hitting the net, or you can hit the ball past your rival so that it bounces more times.

How tennis betting work

Many companies offer betting opportunities on tennis. You can place a bet on almost everything from the women’s WTA tour to the men’s ATP tour, among others.

In case tennis betting is a new thing for you, you need to start by checking the world rankings. Players have different ranks based on the points that they earn when they play the game and win. You should also know that a player makes points based on the type of tournament. When the match is significant, the more points a player earns. Once you are familiar with the players, you can begin to focus on the surface that a match is played on. There are generally three different forms of courts: hard courts, clay courts, hard and grass courts. Some players perform better on some surfaces than others, which is vital to remember when placing a bet on tennis.

Factors to consider before placing a bet

You need to understand that different players have different weaknesses and strengths under certain conditions.

Consider the type of surface that the game will take place because the speed of both the player and ball will depend on the type of surface. A players’ performance can vary depending on the type of surface. Remember to consider the players’ skills and bettors who have experience are aware of how individual players play and type of players they prefer to compete with. Also, you should know which hand a player uses before placing a bet.


Tennis betting is just like any other sports betting. For you to start betting, you need to understand the basics of how tennis is played, how tennis betting works, and factors to consider before placing a bet, as discussed above.

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