Revisiting our 19 Outlandish Predictions from the 2019 Tennis Season

published: Dec, 02, 2019

by: Charles Blouin-Gascon

Welcome to Tennis Elbow, the column that looks back on the week that was in the world of tennis. This week, Charles Blouin-Gascon recaps the predictions he had made at the start of this season.

Remember our outlandish predictions?

All the way back to the beginning of this interminable tennis season, we had looked ahead and tried—really poorly, probably—to predict what we might see over the course of 10 or so months on both the ATP and WTA.

We made 19 combined predictions and, since this 2019 season is now officially over, let’s see how we fared in predicting the future. Were we better at this than we have traditionally been re: draw previews? Let’s hope so.

Novak Djokovic catches Rafael Nadal on the Grand Slam list: NAY

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic entered this past season with tallies of 17 and 14 Grand Slam titles respectively and, as things stand today in 2019 they’re up to 19 and 16 majors each. So no, Djokovic did not catch the Spaniard.

And finishes the season at No. 1 once again: NAY

Here again, we’re wrong—by a mere 840 points.

Venus Williams retires: NAY

If Venus Williams has announced she was retiring, we missed the announcement.

So does Serena Williams: NAY


Because she grabs career Grand Slam title No. 25: NAY

The logic for the previous prediction was actually pretty sound. We just hadn’t counted on the great Serena Williams missing out not once but twice on the elusive 25th Grand Slam title.

And so does Maria Sharapova: NAY

Has anyone heard much of anything from the great Maria Sharapova? She’s not retired retired formally but, like, kind of officiously no?

Andy Murray is done: YAY

Finally, we’ve got one undeniably right as the great Andy Murray started the 2019 season by basically waving a white flag. There might have been some highlights along the way but yeah, the man is done.

Denis Shapovalov makes a Grand Slam semifinal: NAY

Yeah no, this didn’t happen.

Nick Kyrgios barely gives a damn, plays left handed for at least one game: YAY

While Nick Kyrgios did not in fact play left-handed for a game, we’ll rule this one in our favour. While we’re not here to pass judgement on the Australian, the fact of the matter is that his results have not lined up with his immense talent. It doesn’t have to mean anything but the fact that we were right with this prediction.

Alexander Zverev drops out of the Top 10: NAY

Alexander Zverev has fallen to his lowest ranking in almost two years, and he hasn’t been especially productive on the sport’s biggest stage, but he’s still as high as No. 7. So we’re wrong here again.

Simona Halep makes the four Grand Slam finals, or better: NAY

Nope, not close either. While Simona Halep did add to her career tally of Grand Slam titles with a Wimbledon win, she only

The summer of Naomi Osaka continues, but can’t overtake Halep at No. 1: NAY

We were right for the first half of this sentence, but wrong for the second half. Oops.

Eugenie Bouchard falls out of the top 150: YAY

And thus concludes the crazy story of ex-Canadian superstar Eugenie Bouchard, who’s now ranked all the way down to…. No. 183? Dang.

Aryna Sabalenka crashes the WTA party: YAY

Even under the rosiest of rose-colored glasses, it’s probably a little bit of a stretch to say that Aryna Sabalenka crashed the WTA party… but what the hell, let’s wear those glasses since we make the rules.

Kei Nishikori wins the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals: NAY

Not only did Kei Nishikori not win the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals, he wasn’t invited to the party to begin with.

The men’s top 10 rankings get younger in a hurry: YAY

While the trio atop the rankings has remained the same, there’s a definite youth movement that’s finally knocking on the glass ceiling: no fewer than half of the members of the Top 10 are no older than 26.

The 2019 Davis Cup will be just fine: YAY

Not only was the 2019 Davis Cup just fine, it actually thrived.

The eight Grand Slam titles come from only four different players: NAY

Nope, we missed on this one as well.

Unless, they instead come from eight different players: NAY

Over the course of the 2019 season, six players—two men and four women—lifted a Grand Slam trophy. So we split the difference between this and the previous prediction right down the middle. Meh.

All in all, that gives us something like 6 correct predictions out of 19 total ones—or about 32 per cent. LOL

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