Wilson Sporting Goods Launches Groundbreaking Triniti Tennis Ball

published: Aug, 23, 2019

by: Nima Naderi

Over 325 million tennis balls are produced worldwide each year, and most them get used just once by the average player before you need to crack open a new can for your next match. Wilson Sporting Goods is changing the way people think about tennis balls for the better with the launch of the groundbreaking Triniti Tennis Ball.

Wilson redesigned the core of the Triniti ball using a lighter weight plastomer material and thickened the core’s walls. These changes maintain Triniti’s “liveliness” or fresh ball feel four times longer than a traditional tennis ball. For performance, Wilson used STR felt on the Triniti ball, which is 50% more flexible than conventional tennis ball felt. This change increases the time the Triniti ball stays on a racket’s strings for enhanced feel and control. Due to these enhancements, the Triniti ball is the first-ever tennis ball that doesn’t need to be packaged in a pressurized plastic container. This allowed Wilson to comprise Triniti packaging from 100% recycled cardboard.

Triniti tennis balls are available in three-ball containers for $5.49 (MRP) in-store and online worldwide via tennis specialty retailers and on www.wilson.com starting on August 29. We have attached a press release with more details on this exciting news. Please let us know if you would like to share this announcement with your audience and if you would like a product sample to review as well.


Nima Naderi


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