Previewing the 2018 HEAD Prestige Graphene Touch Line of Rackets

published: Jan, 02, 2018

by: Nima Naderi

Known for making one of the most historic rackets the game has ever seen, HEAD Tennis is proud to present the latest evolution of the Prestige line featuring Graphene Touch technology for 2018. Boasting four rackets in their latest collection, fans of the Prestige line can look forward to the Prestige Touch Graphene Pro, the Prestige Touch Graphene MP, the Prestige Touch Graphene Tour and the Prestige Touch Graphene Mid. With all four of these rackets hosting different specs, let’s take a closer look at what each one has to offer in terms of the new “Touch” technology, which HEAD has added to provide more comfort and feel.

The 2018 HEAD Prestige Graphene Touch Line of Rackets

Prestige Touch Graphene Pro:

Built for players that can generate their own power, the Prestige Touch Graphene Pro comes in a hefty weight of 11.7 oz and a very arm friendly stiffness rating of 63. Still a top-tier racket for the likes of Touring Pro Marin Cilic, the Prestige Touch Graphene Pro has a string pattern of 16 Mains / 19 Crosses for a great blend of spin and control. Like with most Prestige frames, this particular version will not provide the kind of easy-flowing power that a heftier racket will provide, but for those players that are looking to contain their power and gain an important level of control over their shots, then the Prestige Touch Graphene Pro will be a good fit.


Prestige Touch Graphene MP:

Providing 95 sq. inches of hitting area and an 18×20 string pattern, the Prestige Touch Graphene MP could very well be the toughest racket of the collection to play with for the average player, but could also be the most rewarding for those with a complete game. Weighing in at 11.3 oz, this model is definitely suited toward players that have no trouble generating their own power but are looking for supreme control at the highest level. Compared with the Pro model, the MP version does perform much better at the net and is certainly more on the handle heavy side. All in all, another solid offering from HEAD tennis.


Prestige Touch Graphene MID:

Next up is our review is the Prestige Touch Graphene MID. For the tennis purest, this minimalistic offering could become a winner. With a head size of only 93 sq. inches and a weight of 11.3 oz, this frame won’t give you those forgiving mishits, but it will prove your level of control if you can consistently find the sweet spot. That said, the Prestige Touch Graphene MID does allow for ample feel and comfort for the advance player. We found this version also allowed for great weight transfer through the ball, and easier maneuverability compared with the MP version. From a cosmetic standpoint, the MID version doesn’t include the customary thick bummer guard that is synonymous with the Prestige line.

Bottom line: The Prestige Touch Graphene MID is a handle heavy frame that is made for advanced players that are looking for old school specs.


Prestige Touch Graphene Tour:

A new offering in 2018, the Prestige Touch Graphene Tour is perhaps the most diverse racket from the whole collection in the sense that it can be used by beginner to advanced level players. With an interesting spec line-up, this model boasts a 99 sq. head size, 18×19 string pattern, weighs only 10.8 oz and is significantly more head heavy compared with the MP version. With very few 18×19 string patterns out there on the market, the Prestige Touch Graphene Tour will take some getting use to, but it does allow room for players to add lead tape if required as the stock weight is fairly low compared with the above models of this group.

To conclude, the Prestige Touch Graphene Tour is another frame in this collection that is definitely worth your time to demo.

For our European readers, the latest Prestige collection can also be purchased through the following TennisWarehouse-Europe link.


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