Epirus launches a brand-new tennis bag collection that is both stylish and versatile

published: Nov, 08, 2016

by: Nima Naderi

*The collection is available on Kickstarter at 30% off for just one more week*

Tennis has always been a stylish sport:

Tennis has always been a stylish sport, from how it’s played, to its glamorous icons, celebrity spectators and fashionable enthusiasts. But for decades, the only tennis bags available have been ugly, racket-shaped, brightly-coloured, heavily-branded eyesores. You would never carry one of these bags beyond the tennis court – they’re not functional and look out of place.

Epirus re-defines what a tennis bag should be:

Epirus bags are refined, intelligent and versatile tennis bags designed for the modern active lifestyle. They are bags for multi-dimensional working professionals, travellers, athletes & commuters who live action-packed lives.

They are much more than just tennis bags: they’re bags for every facet of your life. They’re your office bag, gym bag, squash bag, yoga bag and weekend-getaway bag. They’re completely different to any tennis bag you’ve seen before and do things other bags simply can’t.

The collection launches with three styles:

The Backpack: Designed for those who only carry the essentials. The backpack features an innovative locking mechanism that keeps your rackets fixed in place.

The 24 hour bag: Enough space to hold everything you need for a full day while still being compact. It also doubles as a sophisticated gym bag.

The Weekend bag: For those who want the most space. This bag comes in 2 sizes (Medium and Large) and fully encloses your rackets.

Complementing the bags, Epirus has created the world’s first leather grip covers. They ensure your grips stay dry, while also concealing wear and tear and keep your bag looking smart. They come in 4 colours: Black, Electric Blue, Safiano White & Rustic Green.

World-class design and fabrication

The range has been designed by Lior Kristal, an accomplished London-based designer for premium brands like Dunhill, Mandarina Duck, Leica and Aston Martin.

All the bags are made from the highest quality Italian canvas and calf leather trim. The canvas has a sleek woven grain finish while the calf leather provides a soft, supple feel. Gun-metal hardware secures everything in place. The bags are durable and lightweight. Designed to span seasons, they will last for years to come.

The collection is available on Kickstarter for just one more week

Epirus sold over $17,000 worth of bags in its first 3 weeks. They are almost 90% funded with one week to go. By ordering on Kickstarter, you can take advantage of their 30% launch discount. This temporary offer ends on November 16th.

What to find out more and order a bag?

Epirus Kickstarter page tells you everything you need to know about each bag and how to order.


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