Q&A with Genie Bouchard: The Nike Tech Hypermesh collection

published: Apr, 27, 2016

by: Nima Naderi

Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard is set to debut the Nike Tech Hypermesh collection for summer 2016, which will be available on Nike.com on May 5.

The Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest provides the perfect blend of light, breathable and sporty fabric for the summer heat. In the interview below conducted by Nike, Bouchard discusses the latest Tech Hypermesh and what inspires her sense of style.

Where would you say your style inspiration comes from?

I follow a couple of fashion outlets and bloggers on Twitter. I don’t really copy a complete outfit from someone, but I always look through the pictures and pick out things I like and don’t like. That’s partly how I create outfits. I really love looking around and seeing what people are wearing and what the trends are. It’s so interesting to me because it’s constantly changing.

How would you describe your personal style?

The first word I always try to think of when I get dressed is “young.” I feel like when you’re young, you can experiment with what you wear and pull it off. So maybe I’ll wear more colourful things, or try some crazy trends.

But being pretty casual is also important to me. I’m a very jeans and t-shirt kind of person when it’s a slow movie day. So I just try to keep it young, casual and cool.

You recently revealed a new hairstyle showing that you aren’t afraid of change and being bold. How important is it for your style to show this side of your personality?

In regards to my hair, I woke up one morning and wanted to do something a bit crazy. Nothing permanent, just kind of change something and see how I felt about it. So that was the reasoning behind the hair situation. But in general, it’s cool to be unique and stand out and do different things. Why not? That’s my mentality towards it.

What do you like about the Nike Tech Hypermesh Vest?

Because it’s so light and breathable, it’s a perfect summer piece. I feel like I can wear it after a match when I’m going to press, or between training. It’s a super comfortable off-court layer that can complement any look.

For someone looking to add the Nike Tech Hypermesh jacket to their wardrobe, what advice do you have for them to style it?

I think the Tech Hypermesh Vest would look really cool with some black Nike leggings and with some cool, white Nike sneakers. You should pair the vest with basic staples in order to let it stand out. It’s a pretty cool, unique piece that you don’t see all of the time.

Nima Naderi


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