Monfils advances in Stuttgart; Karlovic prevails in The Netherlands

published: Jun, 10, 2015

by: Nima Naderi

MercedesCup, Stuttgart, Germany

Second-round results:

(8) V Troicki defeats A Zverev 63 67(6) 63
S Groth defeats (3) F Lopez 36 76(5) 76(6)
(4) G Monfils defeats A Haider-Maurer 76(6) 76(5)
(6) P Kohlschreiber defeats J Janowicz 64 64


Topshelf Open, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Second-round results:

R Haase defeats (7) F Verdasco 76(4) 63
G Muller defeats (9) V Pospisil 64 46 76(6)
M Copil defeats (4) G Garcia-Lopez 76(5) 64
(5) I Karlovic defeats T Ito 76(5) 76(3)

Nima Naderi

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Reviewing Wawrinka’s Master Class at the French Open

  1. Isner plays Nice because the tournament is owned by Lagardere, his agency, not for any need for technical improvement. He plays Winston-Salem because it’s his hometown.

  2. Yes that’s correct, but regardless of those reasons, if he’s serious about going deep in a Major, he shouldn’t be playing those events and his agency should understand.

  3. I think you guys are being very inconsistent when it comes to Fed. I mean a few weeks ago, one of you previewed that Fed would beat Djoker in the final? And now your’re saying he doesn’t produce the winners on the court like he used to? That’s nonsense.

    Fed is still world #2. I think you should wait for the next half of the year to play out, especially on the grass and hardcourt/indoor season where his attacking style bears more rewards. He is defending a lot of points though so it will be interesting to see when and if Murray overtakes him in the rankings. I think Wimbledon will be contested between Roger and Andy this year- but where Nadal ends up in the draw could have a huge impact on that prediction.

  4. Nima, playing the week before a slam seemed to work for Wawrinka…just saying. Sometimes, I think we forget that tennis is also a business. There’s money to be made and perhaps Isner believes that he has no chance of winning a slam. Maybe just reaching the second week is or should be his main goal.

  5. Amy Bee, I believe that a guy with a top 3 serve in the world in Isner can’t reach the quarters or better of slams is sad, really. I don’t think he would invest in a new coach if he didn’t want to progress deep in majors.

    als90, Federer is No. 2 in the world but hasn’t won a slam since Wimby 2012. Parsa picked him to make the finals but that was because Federer continues to receive workable draws and doesn’t convert. I have him for Wimbledon winner this year.

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