Tennis Connected was formed in early 2008 under the name The ATP Blog by Nima Naderi.  Nima’s goal was to bring a different type of internet tennis publication and move away from the diluted coverage that existed currently on the web.  In the summer of 2008, Nima joined forces with Daniel Rumeo, a webmaster and former NCAA college tennis player and formed Tennis Connected.  Their goal was to go beyond the blog atmosphere and create a tennis site for tennis fans, by tennis fans.  Tennis needed to be “cool” again and Tennis Connected is committed to do their part in bringing the great sport back to the forefront of athletics.   Another focus of Nima and Dan’s was to make a tennis website that was more multimedia.  They began to focus on bringing video, photos and podcasts and are now the number one tennis podcast on iTunes with over 2000 listeners per show.  In September 2009, Tennis Connected launched their new site with their readers in mind.  The new site started phase 2 to bring multimedia to tennis.  With features such as the Tourny Tracker, detailed tour calendar, and header scoreboard the new site is now a one stop shop for tennis fans of the ATP.

Tennis Connected has many future plans for upgrades to the site as well as other expansions into other media so stay tuned and if you have any comments please feel free to contact us as everything on the site is here for you, our reader.