How Did Online Casino Bonuses Change For Tennis Players?

published: Feb, 13, 2024

by: TC Staff

The Evolution of Bonus Systems in Online Casinos 

Online casinos used to focus on what’s called ‘classic offers,’ like the Mr Bet bonus. It is a reward that applies to every player, provided that they register and meet certain conditions.

Today, many casinos offer a personalized type of bonus, along with the classic ones. Let us take a look at the top three classic and personalized casino bonuses to see how these have evolved.

Classic Casino Bonuses

Here are the most common wagering rewards one may find online:

1. Welcome Offer

The welcome offer is the most common offer one might find in an online casino. All it takes is to register for an account, and then you qualify for the reward. Most welcome packages are about giving extra cash to the client.

Typically, the welcome offer is a deposit match. For example, a casino will offer 100% of the player’s deposit. So, if this player deposits $100, they get an extra $100 from the casino to play with.  

2. Cashback Bonuses  

Cashbacks have something to do with the net losses of the player. In this bonus, the player gets about 5% of what they lost the previous week. The cash-back bonus is nothing more than a consolidation reward to ease the pain of losing money the previous week. 

Just keep in mind that it only applies to players who have net losses, not players who made profits. In addition, cash-backs almost always have to be spent like they are a match bonus — it is still subject to the terms and conditions.

Personalized Casino Bonuses

Wondering what personalized rewards are? Read to find out:

1. Personalized Birthday Gifts

Some casinos send physical items to their players, like mugs, shirts, or umbrellas, once the player’s birthday is about to come. Other platforms, on the other hand, offer cash. The cash offer as a gift is still subject to bonus terms and conditions.

Not all casinos offer this, and they typically only send these gifts to high rollers and people who have been with the casino for many years. In addition, the birthday gift can also be part of the loyalty or VIP program. 

2. Exclusive Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is one that casinos give to players who have achieved a specific level as a VIP. In this program, casinos reward the player with points for every dollar spent or wagered in a game. The player has the option to swap these points for cash. The higher the VIP level, the more cash a player gets for the complementary points he earned. 

To make the bonus sweeter and personalized, some casinos allow the VIP player to choose a reward — something physical. It is not always cash that is given. For example, a wagerer can get a coffee mug with the casino’s brand or logo on it. Another option is a shirt, blanket, etc.

3. Invitation to Events

Finally, there are some online casino tournaments that only special wagerers can join. For example, there are slot tournaments open for everybody, and then there are slot tournaments open to VIP players only. This kind of tournament is personalized in the sense that one can only join if one receives an invitation. 

In some online casinos that offer poker, you may receive an offer to join a tournament specifically designed for high-rollers or players who have a special place in the casino.    

There are so many online casinos nowadays that they have to find new ways to attract new players and retain existing ones. As such, casinos can be expected to be at the forefront of consumer marketing, which means there will be more ways to earn rewards from them. As time goes by, this reward may become more physical or tangible and not just cash.

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