Sinner’s Hard-Earned Triumph: Impressions by Andy Roddick

published: Jan, 30, 2024

by: TC Staff

Former world No. 1 and US Open champion Andy Roddick recently provided his take on a memorable Australian Open.

Roddick, who always played great Down Under, was particularly impressed with the run of men’s champion Jannik Sinner. The Hall of Fame American is excited for the season ahead and Betway continues to be a great source for all information on the pro circuit.

Sinner the Winner

“In the lead-up to the event, Sinner was often overshadowed by the towering presence of Novak Djokovic. However, as he claimed victory, it is evident that he truly earned his success through relentless dedication and gradual improvement. The tennis world joins in acknowledging his journey, appreciating the incremental progress he has made each year, said Roddick.”

Facing challenges early on, Sinner, initially a bit too slender, underwent a transformative process to build a robust physique capable of enduring five-set matches without showing signs of exhaustion. Not only has his serve consistently improved by 3-4% each season, but his defensive prowess has also become remarkable. Sinner stands out as one of the few players possessing knockout power on both forehand and backhand sides.

The impression is that he has been a professional since the age of 18, demonstrating unwavering resilience without a hint of complaint or whimpering. Credit is due not only to his team and Coach Cahill but also to Sinner himself for committing to the arduous process, overcoming heartbreaking defeats in Grand Slams with a determined and focused approach.

Sabalenka Defends Title

His strategic awareness shone brightly in his first major final, where he capitalized on Daniil Medvedev’s fatigue from extensive playtime, maintaining composure in the face of being outplayed in the initial sets. “Sabalenka shares a similar narrative of hard work paying off, overcoming serving challenges and questions about her mentality to emerge as the most consistent player in the last six majors, said Roddick.”

Qinwen Zheng’s impressive performance deserves acknowledgment, especially considering the pressure that comes with realizing a genuine opportunity for a Grand Slam final from the round of 16. As a player from the Chinese market, her achievement is bound to bring significant attention, but she undoubtedly passes the eye test with her commendable performance.

While Sinner rightfully enjoys the spotlight, Medvedev’s tenacity and skill deserve recognition. His relentless style, playing the most effective version of his tennis, has brought remarkable results. Despite his sixth major final loss, Medvedev’s consistency and ability to make opponents earn their victories highlight his prowess as a future Hall of Famer.

Celebrating Sinner’s victory is essential, but let’s not overlook Medvedev’s resilience. He leaves everything on the court, playing against the best in the business. Despite his losses, he has bounced back before, and there’s no doubt he’ll continue to be a force in the hardcourt Slams in the coming years. Another Grand Slam win for Medvedev would only solidify his status as a Hall of Famer, having conquered the best players on the grandest stages.

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