Homefire – Why a winter wood burner makes sense for your home

published: Dec, 05, 2023

by: TC Staff

Is there anything quite like a roaring log fire as you settle in for a cold winter evening? The idea alone sounds bliss to many who romanticize this time of year.

Granted, only some have a fireplace in their home, but there are other ways to have a beautiful flame; a log burner is one of these.

Let’s look at why a wood burner could be an excellent addition to your home and why purchasing one of these appliances makes economic sense too.

Are wood burners the way to go?

The idea of a fireplace is appealing but it’s not possible for everybody as it depends on the style of residence. However, you needn’t feel that fires indoors are impossible because of this.

Log burners have become a very popular choice of heating lately. Having a wood-burning device in your home holds numerous advantages over other forms of heating, like a gas or electric boiler.

As the cost of living remains high, people are struggling to afford the gas or electric costs involved with more typical forms of heating a household. This is one of the beauties of a wood burner because it is likely to reduce your expenditure thanks to the cost of wood and fire-starting equipment typically being significantly cheaper than the average energy bills.

As we’ve seen lately, external circumstances can cause financial strain to everybody simply trying to heat their homes. People are keeping a cautious eye on how their energy bills, or overall spending generally, can be lowered and where savings can be made.

Some reports suggest that household bills can be reduced by around 10% because of wood burners, taking a lot of financial pressure off those doing challenging times. Despite the initial cost of installing a log burner being fairly significant, much like installing a new boiler is, it is very likely you’ll save money in the long run.

What else can a wood burner offer?

When you use high-quality kiln-dried wood or heat logs, you can expect beautiful flames to be produced in your log burner. These types of logs will ensure that everyone in your home is safe from any pollutants and the job of cleaning your appliance afterwards is much easier.

Perhaps one of the most advantageous reasons to have a wood burner put in your home is that you could see the overall value of your property rise by up to 5%, which, if you are considering moving house, could be very lucrative indeed. This means that the chances are very high that you’ll recoup the cost of installing a wood burner back from your house sale should you choose to down the line – not to mention the monthly energy savings too.

Whatever your reason for wanting a wood-burning appliance, we feel it would be a wise investment and a wonderful way of heating your home. For more smokeless fuels for your fire, explore the Homefire website today.

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