Novak Djokovic has proven to be the king of tennis once again after a thrilling performance in the Rolex Paris Masters. This final was one of the toughest, and edging out Grigor Dimitrov wasn’t a walk in the park. The performance ended with 6-4 and 6-3 for the Serbian to clinch victory. The win makes Djokovic the first player to record 40 Masters 1000 crowns.

Djokovic’s winning mentality is something that inspires him to give his all. The win sums to seven titles Djokovic has collected at the ATP Masters 1000 event. After the victory, the Serbian claimed he wanted to win more titles. 

While commenting on the victory, Djokovic notes that he is proud of the achievement and its past. He notes that he is ready for more. The mentality is to move forward and turn the next page, said Djokovic. 

According to him, he is active and wants to win more while playing at the highest level. In this case, the Masters and Grand Slams are elite competitions that he looks to triumph in. 

Giving His All Amid Recovery

For Djokovic, winning this tournament is more valuable in his career after losing three days in a row. The 40-time Masters 1000 Champion comments that his win was the most difficult in his career. 

“It has been a challenging week, off the court, and battling a stomach virus has been really draining,” he remarks. Trying to recover was a nightmare, but with the help of his team, Djokovic had to shift his focus on the match and give his all.

The 36-year-old has a notable career, including the championship three-setters against Grigor Dimitrov, World no. 3. He has been feeling great since his previous encounter at the Davis Open after the successful tour at the US Open. 

Despite Djokovic not participating in any competitive scene for over six weeks, emerging victorious in the Paris Final meant everything for his career.

Dealing with a Fan Base that Expects More

While commenting on fans’ expectations, the Serbian notes being at his best, reaching the finals, and winning are aspects he cannot evade from his fans. Every tournament means you are a favorite, and there are no chances of losing, regardless of what is happening in your private life. For players and Djokovic’s supporters, you could go to online casino GGBet and have fun playing best games with great welcome bonuses, but also do not forget about responsible gaming.

With multiple life issues taking a toll on his private life, Djokovic feels he didn’t play his best tennis. “This is not the level I play at in the biggest of tournaments,” remarks Djokovic. Even so, he embraces the outcome of the past few weeks and is hopeful about future tournaments.

Besides the fans, winning means you work well with your team to give their best. The Serbian recognizes the efforts and support of his team and family, who have been with him even on the brink of losing a significant match.

Comforting a Worthy Opponent

Competing against Grigor isn’t easy because he is an elite tennis player. Djokovic gave an emotional acceptance speech. He notes that losing in a final is never an easy thing for any player. 

“Stay tough and keep going, Grigor,” comments Djokovic on sharing the court with a veteran. He acknowledges he (Djokovic) has lost in several finals, which is a disappointment. While comforting his opponent, the 36-year-old applauds Grigor for incredible gameplay in the past few weeks of his overall career. 

Preparation for Future Competitions

This tournament was more of a survival as Djokovic bagged his 97th tour-level crown. It is time to brace and prepare for the Nitto ATP finals, where he will feature as a favorite, being a six-time champion. He stands out together with Roger Federer with the most trophies in this series. 

Djokovic boasts of his prowess in this tournament by acknowledging he had the best encounter in Torino with outstanding performances in the five matches. He is confident of the upcoming match owing to his latest form. So far, Djokovic hasn’t lost a match since participating in the Wimbledon final. “I am excited and hope to finish this season on a high,” remarks a confident Djokovic.


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