Tennis is an old sport with a huge following all over the world. And the thrill of the game is one of the reasons why it continues to gain a large number of fans. But this thrill can be doubled for gamblers who choose to use 1xbet to wager on tennis matches.

Below, we will list 10 reasons why you should make 1xbet your favorite bookmaker for tennis.

Security and License

1xbet being a reputable bookie ensures that the security of their customers personal and financial information is placed at a level of utmost importance. 

They are also licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority. With this, you can be rest assured that they are keeping to every wagering regulation.

Opportunity to Wager on Various Events

Tennis as a sport offers a wide variety of tournaments throughout the year. 1xbet is able to offer you this diversity providing you with various options to wager on and ensuring that you will never run out of tennis competitions to wager on all year long.

In the tennis section of this sportsbook, you will find several men and women competitions. Some of the tournaments available include:

  • Wimbledon
  • ITF Punta Cana
  • ITF Lakewood
  • Masters Russia
  • Daily Premier Tour
  • ATP World Cyber Tour
  • Bloomfield Hills Challenger

Impressive Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are definitely one of the strong suits of 1xbet. They offer a whopping 100% welcome bonus up to $100. With this bonus, you can place additional wagers on tennis matches with little to no restrictions.

Their bonus still goes beyond your first deposit. They continue to grant you promotional offers you can take advantage of on your tennis wagering exploration.


The multi-platformed nature of this sportsbook grants you access to your account from any device. In situations where you are not at home to place wagers on matches on your computer, you could just access your account from your mobile phone.

Their mobile app is also one of the most optimized and user-friendly bookmaker applications you’ll find out there. No matter the device you’re using, whether a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the seamless wagering experience you will enjoy is second to none.

A Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

To ensure a speedy deposit and withdrawal process, 1xbet has a wide variety of payment options you can pick from. Whether it be making deposits to stake with or cashing out your winnings, there are different methods available. Some of them include:

  • E-wallets. (Skrill, MoneyGo, etc.)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Cryptocurrencies

Live Streaming of Matches

Another reason is the presence of match streaming features on their app. Once you’ve made your first deposit, you can access their livestream option and watch matches as they’re going on.

This makes monitoring of your wagers easier, as you can access the game live from your device.

Customer Support

There are situations where something might go wrong with your wagering account or a wager you placed. This is where 1xbet customer support comes in handy. 

They provide various options for you to contact them. You could reach out to them by their local hotline in your location, or you could chat directly with one of their consultants and get answers to your queries almost instantly. There is also a third option through sending an email to their support mail, detailing your enquiry or complaint.

Fair Play

1xbet is committed to maintaining the integrity of tennis matches. They ensure that games are not manipulated or influenced in any way or by any entity.

Their wagering terms and conditions are also fair and transparent, making sure the wagerer can only make informed choices. In situations where your wagers result in a win, they ensure to distribute winnings accurately and speedily.

Competitive Odds

To secure higher potential cashouts on your wagers, 1xbet is your best wager. They boast of having the best odds available in the tennis market. 

Focusing on the long run, you get to maintain a healthy profit margin because you place your wagers using the best possible odds.

Resources Available

1xbet offers in depth match analysis and previews, focusing on the statistics and form of each player. These resources can better help you make choices that improve your chances of winning.

Novices who are new to wagering are also put in consideration with the provision of tutorials to help guide new tennis wagerers on how to place wagers and understand various wagering options.

A live chat option is also available for wagering enthusiasts to gather and share insights and strategies. 


With these 10 reasons, you can see why 1xbet should be your number one sportsbook choice for tennis wagering. So, go ahead and open a 1xbet account. Let your wagering exploration in tennis begin.


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