Everyone has to start off somewhere, right? The same is the case with Tennis, which is seemingly simple but it has a lot more to it that you need to know before you begin. You can find some thorough tips and tricks on the internet provided that your service gives you enough bandwidth to research extensively. For that matter, you should consider looking into Spectrum Internet since it gives you unlimited data not just for your research but for your entertainment too!

Coming back to Tennis, it is actually quite great that you have started developing an interest in the sport, but there is a lot that you need to know before you begin. For a basic overview, keep reading ahead so that you can kickstart your Tennis journey!

  1. Why Should You Even Start?

The first thing that you need to understand is why Tennis is even a good sport to play in the first place. There are a lot of perks to choosing Tennis over any other sport, for instance, Tennis involves both your body and your mind. Not only do you need to focus on your legs and your arms but you also need to make sure that your mind is attentive enough to judge your opponent’s movements and potential shots. 

Tennis also improves your hand-eye coordination and it makes your agility and balance better than before. Similarly, tennis activates your entire body, you are using your upper body and your lower body, which ensures that your whole body is getting all the exercise that it needs. This way you would see that your body also goes through an entire de-stressing process and your lifestyle would improve by a whole lot. 

  1. What Equipment Do You Need?

The next thing that you would need to know about is the equipment that you need. You would be glad to know that Tennis is actually a pretty minimalistic sport when it comes to the equipment that you need. All that you require is a good tennis racket and a tennis ball and you are good to go. The ball should be yellow, white, or even green, something that is easily visible while you are playing the game. 

You just need to make sure that you hit the ball at the center of your racket, which is where there is the most tensile strength. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a good tennis racket. 

  1. Start off by Serving the Ball

Before the match kicks off, an umpire has to toss a coin between the two players and whoever wins gets to serve the ball and they can also choose the side that they want to play from. The player making the serve needs to make sure that they are behind the baseline and in bounds of the center mark and the sideline. Use your non-playing hand to toss the ball into the hair and then use the hand with the racket to hit the ball. 

The ball needs to cross the net, has to go diagonally, and must be within reach of the player so that the serve could be considered a legal one. 

  1. Know About the Different Service Faults

There are a couple of service faults that you need to be aware of. The first is the service fault which occurs while making the serve. Each player is allowed two serves and it is deemed illegal if the ball touches the net while serving and if it is out of bounds from the serving area. You have a second serve to redeem your first mistake so that the match can begin.

If the person’s foot who is serving touches the baseline or is out of bounds from the sideline, then it is considered a foot fault and in this case, too, the server gets a second chance at making a serve. 

However, if the person serving the fault makes a mistake on their second try, then it is called a double fault and the other player automatically gets a point for it. 

  1. What is a “Let” and an “Ace”?

There are also two other situations that you need to know about while you are playing Tennis. The first is known as a let in which the server’s ball touches the net but also lands in the serving area, this gives the server two more serves or tries so that they can score a point. 

If the server makes a legal serve and somehow the other player isn’t able to return it, then the server automatically gets a point and it is called an ace. 

  1. What Exactly is a “Rally”?

A rally is when your game officially begins and you begin keeping score of your points. You can research more on how a rally works on the internet but a basic sense is that if one of the players misses a shot, then the other player gets a point and the one with the most points towards the end of the game or whoever reaches the maximum points wins. 

Tennis has a lot of intricate details that we cannot cram into this article so the best way to learn would be to read about it on the internet and play it yourself so that you would learn from experience. 

Wrapping Up

These were all the basics that you needed to know about Tennis so that you could get started with the game. So be sure to grab your racket, your tennis ball, and a friend and start as soon as you can!


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