After an exciting few weeks, the US Open tournament is officially over, and many tennis fans will now be looking elsewhere for their tennis fix. While there are tennis tournaments to watch in October and November, including the Stockholm Open, European Open, and Rolex Paris Masters, we’ve got a few other recommendations.

1. Join an Indoor Club

If watching the US Open has inspired you to play more, but you don’t live in a warm climate and are worried that we’re moving into fall and winter weather, it may be worth considering joining an indoor club. That way, you can play tennis and work on your game even on those cold, rainy days. You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded players who may be able to teach you new skills that you wouldn’t have gotten if you just showed up to an outdoor court for a rally on the weekends.

2. Watch a Movie

We know there are many great sports movies, but they often revolve around sports like football or baseball. But there are some incredible movies about tennis, including the romantic comedy Wimbledon (2004), which stars Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. The film follows Bettany’s character, a derailing professional tennis player who earns a wildcard spot to compete in Wimbledon.

At the tournament, Bettany’s character, Peter Colt, meets Lizzie Bradbury, a rising American tennis player played by Kirsten Dunst. As the two characters fall in love, Bradbury also teaches Colt to change his perception of the game, helping him return to winning ways. Another popular tennis movie that emerged over the last ten years is Battle of the Sexes, a 2017 movie about Billie Jean King starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

3) Play a Game

There are always tennis-themed video games if you don’t join an indoor club and it’s too wet or cold outside to play. Sports games are a popular niche market in the gaming industry, with franchises like FIFA and NFL Madden making this niche popular. In fact, it’s so big that you can even find sports games on online casino sites, with titles such as Football Roulette, in addition to traditional casino games like poker and slot games.

When it comes to tennis, games like Top Spin 4 and Maximum Games Tennis World 2 are must-plays for tennis fans. Of course, there are always more immersive titles like Wii Fit’s tennis game, which allows you to give your best Djokovic impersonation from the comfort of your own home.

Like many sports like skiing, cycling, running, and golf, it can be hard to get tennis out of your mind once you fall in love with it. When you’re in the honeymoon stage with tennis, you’re buying all the gear and trying to practice your serves and rallies as much as possible. But since tennis is primarily a spring and summer sport, it can be hard to get your fix when the weather turns and there’s a break between Gram Slam tournaments. Fortunately, though, many options exist, including joining an indoor club or watching movies and playing tennis-themed games.


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