Gaming for Good: How Gamers Support Charitable Causes

In December 2022, the Internet broke with the news that Jacksepticeye’s “Thankmas” charity stream had raised $10 million for World Central Kitchen. While this is indeed noteworthy, gamers raising millions to support a charity cause isn’t a surprise anymore.

Apparently, gamers who care have plenty of ways to support charity. You can also be one of them, whether you prefer vibrant slots like Sweet Bonanza, classic blackjack titles and poker variants, or high-paced virtual sports options. In this post, we’ll look at the numerous ways through which you can become a gamer who cares.

Gaming Fundraisers

Gaming fundraisers are events where gamers livestream themselves playing video games while encouraging their viewers to donate to a particular cause. Fundraisers can be hosted by participating gamers or larger platforms seeking to spur charitable giving. Check out the following fundraisers if this style of charity interests you:

  • Games Done Quick: Games Done Quick is a biannual fundraiser where speedrunners display their skills to gather money for various charities. Since 2010, the event has raised about $35 million for charity causes, and common beneficiaries include the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders;
  • GuardianCon: In 2019 alone, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital realized over $3.7 from Guardiancon. This is a convention attended by popular gaming figures and featuring different activities, including food, and fun for all ages. Guardiancon lasts for two days only and is held in Tampa, Florida, annually;
  • Trick2g: Having raised $100,000+ for charitable causes, it’s easy to see why Trick2g is a popular fundraiser.

Gaming Donations

Gaming donations are charities through in-game purchases, virtual asset sales, or direct contributions. These are either given by donating a part of your in-game winnings or selling your assets at charity-support websites. Platforms to try out include: 

  • Humble Bundle: Humble Bundle facilitates the sale of games, books, software, and other virtual products at a pay-what-you-want price while letting you choose how much of your payment goes to charity. The platform, which partnered with the whole variety of charities, from the ones collecting money for children to the initiatives centered on water and sanitation issues, has amassed about $195 million for charity since 2014;
  • War Child: This charity supports children of war across the globe and has collaborated with reliable software developers to create games or content that raise awareness and funds for their cause. These games include This War of Mine, Football Manager, Mickey Storm, and HELP: The Game.
  • Genshin Impact: Despite launching as recently as 2020, this fantasy role-playing game has contributed up to $4 billion to charity causes. The game has a “Wishes” feature, which allows exchanging in-game currency or real money for rare characters and items. And in 2021, the game launched its “Wish Upon a Lantern” campaign, donating a part of its “Wishes” revenue to UNICEF, Save the Children, and other charities.

Gaming Volunteering

Gamers also do charity via gaming volunteering, which involves donating time, skills, or resources to support a community or charity org. Like fundraisers, volunteering activities may be organized by individual gamers or groups.

Interested? The following initiatives are worth joining or contributing to! 

  • Extra Life: This is a gaming marathon that unites gamers to heal kids. Interested persons sign up to play games for 24 hours and ask for sponsors among their friends and family. Since its 2008 launch, Extra Life has donated over $70 million to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a network of 170 hospitals across North America;
  • AbleGamers: AbleGamers provides grants, equipment, and support to gamers with disabilities, while advocating for accessibility and inclusion in the industry. To be part of this movement, you can raise funds, spread awareness, or provide technical assistance. By 2021, AbleGamers had raised $1 million through its SpawnTogether campaign;
  • Games for Change: This nonprofit organization empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world change using games and immersive media. Games for change organizes events, programs, and workshops to inspire and educate game developers, educators, students, and activists to create and use games for social good. You can contribute to Games for Change by joining the community, attending their conventions, or teaching your skills to other participants.

Becoming a Gamer Who Cares

There are numerous ways to support charity as a gamer, whether you can only afford to donate skills, time, or money. Similarly, you can join an existing donation network, or start yours, although the latter may require promoting the venture to friends, family, and online gaming ecosystems.

By contributing to charities through gaming, you can enjoy your favorite games while positively impacting the world. As a gamer who cares, you can assist people in need, educate them about pressing issues, and create a more inclusive gaming community, noting that whatever you give, the community appreciates.


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