Tennis is a widely engaging game. Most players find the physical exercise and mental acuity needs invigorating. It is common for tennis players to suffer exertion and other injuries. Like other athletes, there is always an option to use pharmaceutical medications to relieve the pain and stress. 

What if there was something better? Researchers and professionals have been looking into safer alternative treatment options. Cannabidiol is among the top of these alternative treatment options. The naturally available active agent is used for several medical treatments and management of symptoms. 

Why is CBD Becoming Popular Among Physically Active People?

The legality of cannabidiol continues to push the products’ sales and use worldwide. Previously, it took a lot of work to find CBD products at your local dispensary, leave alone on the internet. These days all a person has to do is look up a collection of best CBD gummies for diabetes or anxiety, and even sleep issues. These products exist in huge numbers and have great variability. 

Regarding variability, manufacturers release a range of commodities, each with distinctive ingredients and cannabidiol levels. They have different flavours and potencies and claim to help manage different conditions. It is up to the buyer to sift through the rows of products to find the one that suits them the best. 

What is CBD, and why do people into active sports use it as an alternative treatment option? As you may well know, this compound is a phytocannabinoid of the marijuana plant. It is also available in hemp plants in a much purer state. Unlike its psychoactive counterpart, THC, cannabidiol does not produce a high feeling. 

CBD’s interaction with the body results from humans having the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for a range of processes in the body, including appetite regulation and pain management. It receives the signals from nerves in the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) and registers them with the brain. 

Regarding cannabidiol’s interaction with the ECS, there are two main receptors that we need to discuss. The CB1 and CB2 receptors exist within the ECS, and CBD binds to them to exert certain reactions. Generally, this binding and reaction affect the body’s inflammation and pain management. 

Recent scientific studies show a correlation between the ECS and the ‘runner’s high’. This correlation means that by taking cannabidiol, physically active people enhance their ‘exercise high’. They feel more energy to keep running or practising than when not using the product. These findings conclude that physically athletic people have some benefits from using CBD.

Most of them report that apart from helping them manage pain, it also helps in reducing anxiety. Numerous athletic practises and sports have the participants riddled with anxiety and stress. By combatting the pain and the anxiety levels, they stand a better chance at playing professionally without distractions. 

Ways that CBD Can Improve Your Tennis Game

One of the first questions any tennis player would ask is how the CBD would improve their playing ability. It is important to note that cannabidiol is not a performance-enhancing drug. According to WADA, a substance qualifies as performance-enhancing if it fits three criteria. For one, it has to improve their sports performance significantly, go against the spirit of sport, and pose health risks to the player that were not present before. 

Analytically, cannabidiol does not fit into any of the criteria that the doping agency puts forth. Despite not being a performance-enhancing substance, tennis players can benefit from some of its effects. These are the ways that CBD induces top performance by indirectly working on managing symptoms. 

Enhancing the Mind and Body Connection

Tennis though a physical sport, often requires mental acuity. There must be a connection between the brain and the body to respond to the other player’s actions. For the entirety of the game, the players need to stay alert, showcase skill, and have impeccable strategies to win. 

Using cannabidiol improves the body and mind connection, allowing athletes to strategize and play at their best. With top mental acuity, they can coordinate their plays and withstand the exertion of long plays. 

Reduce and Manages Pain

One of the main sources of cannabidiol research is its pain management features. Researchers are interested in deciphering how it reduces pain, the time it takes, appropriate dosages, and other important factors. By analyzing these concepts, they better understand which products work well and what amounts. 

On the tennis field, injuries are highly likely. The occasional scraped knee, sprained ankle, and joint and muscle aches are common. CBD can alleviate these pains, especially if athletes know their tolerance levels. Studies show that cannabidiol at 300-600mg and above is the best for treating pain. 

Offer Good Sleep

Nothing throws a player off their game like a lack of restful sleep. Due to the nature of the game, tennis often leaves professional athletes tired and stressed. These are all elements that can undermine good sleep quality. Cannabidiol helps in treating insomnia and other sleep-related issues. The only requirement is that athletes ensure they take the right dosage. 

Taking too much in one sitting can result in sleeplessness. Though the compound is not psychoactive in large amounts, it can mimic some of THC’s effects. These effects could include hyperactivity, increased focus, and a burst of creativity without the high. 

Quickens Recovery and Improves Relaxation

As mentioned, injuries are a normal part of the tennis-playing experience. Athletes can injure themselves in one way or another during the game. Other than pain, these injuries can affect their general play. For fast recovery, professionals recommend cannabidiol products. Pairing gummies and another application method could result in faster recovery. 

Also, the use of cannabidiol for recovery from physical exertion is effective. The relaxing effects of the cannabinoid ensure that the joint, muscles, and whole body get rested and ready for the next play. 

Best CBD Products for Tennis Injuries and Exertion

Like any other professional athlete, tennis players care about what goes into their bodies. Due to this, they are less likely to use cannabidiol ingestion methods if they risk their general health. For instance, smoking leads to the inhaling of negative substances that can lead to complications in the long run. With this in mind, these professionals should use other methods of ingestion. The following are the safest.

Application of Topicals

Topicals are a fairly new range of products in the market. Some of them have been around for two to three years, unlike gummies that were on sale as far back as before the 2018 Farm Bill. Topicals include salves, roll-ons, balms, creams, and moisturizers. The last two are common in the beauty industry. For tennis athletes applying these topicals to the wounded areas can result in faster healing and pain management.

Ingesting CBD Oils and Tinctures

Oils and tinctures are another safe way to use cannabidiol. These can come in liquid form or as capsules. The potency level is pre-determined so athletes know how much compound they take with 1ml of the product. They are available in different flavours and potencies. Some have additional cannabinoids, while others only contain CBD. 

The Use of Edibles

This ingestion method is the most popular. The use of edibles is slowly becoming mainstream, with gummies being the top option. They are deliciously easy to dose and easier to take. Depending on a person’s metabolism, gummies and edibles take an average of an hour to take effect. People with higher tolerance may need two or three gummies for the desired effect. 

Regardless of the ingestion method, ensuring the products are from a reputable brand is always advisable. This scrutiny will give you high-quality products that will help with your specific needs. 


Most sportspeople live a life of exertion and stress. They must be in top condition yet are more prone to injuries and anxiety than others. CBD for these athletes is beneficial because it offers safe and reliable treatment options. Proper care and watching the ingestion method can relieve pain, stress and anxiety and speed their recovery. The only important thing to note is that the quality of the commodities matter. Also, some contain THC, so it is better to avoid those that do not use cannabidiol alone. 


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