Whenever you’re playing tennis – or for that matter any sport – it’s essential to look the part. Adorning the correct apparel won’t automatically enhance your performance level, but it certainly provides you with a better platform for success. In your quest for suitable tennis clothing, you may opt to check out the new collaboration between Novak Djokovic and his chief sponsor Lacoste. We’ve reviewed the products available within this collection, providing information relating to their design, fabric composition, cost, and practicality.

The price of success

Collaborations between athletes and clothing brands can often result in the sale of over-priced merchandise, with customers paying a premium for the privilege of wearing something which carries the name of a well-known sports star.

Given the Serbian’s credentials, you could perhaps forgive Lacoste if they chose to hike up the price point in this instance – typically, the more a player achieves, the greater the consumer demand. In June, Djokovic became the all-time leading Grand Slam winner, securing his 23rd major at Roland Garros, and has spent countless months throughout his career as world number one.

In the current tennis odds market, Djokovic sits at 1/5 in his upcoming match against Jannik Sinner. The 36-year-old tennis star is often the favourite leading into any tournament he enters and so Lacoste has been reasonable in keeping prices consistent
with similar garments within their standard ranges.

Whilst Lacoste’s latest tennis-inspired clothing line may not provide you with the ability to emulate Djokovic’s all-conquering playing style, it certainly offers ample benefits for those who are serious about the sport. The range is loosely split into two key capsules; the ‘Tournament Collection’ has been designed specifically for players, with a number of features incorporated into products in order to support on-court activity, whilst the ‘Fan Collection’ is targeted at those who are more familiar with watching rather than playing the game.

Product detail

Polo shirts belonging to the Tournament Collection are made with ultra-dry, breathable materials, allowing you to stay calm and composed in those tense, match-defining moments. They have an in-built elasticity, which enables you to reach for those difficult returns without feeling restricted or stretching out those arms to remonstrate with a particularly frustrating umpire.

The vast majority of the polo shirts in the range are emblazoned with a striking, chequered pattern, and are lit up by extremely bright colour combinations, with light blue/dark blue, white/blue, green/yellow, and light red/dark red options available. The equivalent Fan Collection polos have a very similar design (small variation in collar colours) but unsurprisingly are not produced using the same performance-supporting materials. Tournament and Fan Collection polos are priced at £90 and £60

In addition to these polo shirts, which function as marquee lines within this 33-product range, there are some plainer, more classic items, including monochrome t-shirts, single-colour rain jackets, and some simpler polos. A handful of loud, two-tone tracksuits, not too dissimilar in style to the aforementioned polos, will undoubtedly not be to everyone’s taste but are perfect for those looking for a statement piece to add to their sporting wardrobe.

There is also a small catalogue of elegant, aviator sunglasses, the perfect accessory to wear when walking out onto court, or shielding your eyes whilst sitting in the stands. Sunglasses are priced between £108.50 and £169.90, which we think is reasonable given the stature of the brand and the quality of the products on offer.


An interesting range with some bold, impressively-constructed pieces. Whether playing or spectating, there’s something in this collection for everyone. It’s a thumbs-up from us.


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