Tennis is not just a sport but an art that requires dedication, skill, and strategy. It is a game that has captured the hearts of many, and for those who aspire to become professional tennis players, watching tennis movies can be a great source of inspiration and motivation.

We’ve got you covered with three tennis films that you must watch. Moreover, if you want to binge-watch other movie genres as well, you can have a look at our guide on what to watch on Peacock TV in Canada.

So, grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and let’s dive into the world of tennis through the lens of these amazing movies.


Top 5 Tennis Films Every Aspiring Player Should Watch in Canada

What can I watch on Peacock TV Canada? Well, if you’re an aspiring tennis player, you’re in luck! Peacock TV offers a plethora of popular and cherished tennis films that can inspire you. These films range from timeless narratives of competition and victory to contemporary tales of determination and bravery. So, if you’re wondering what to watch on Peacock TV Canada, here are the top 5 tennis films that you should check out for inspiration.

Borg vs. McEnroe


Director: Janus Metz

Cast: Sverrir Gudnason, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan SkarsgÄrd

Run time: 1 hour 47 minutes

The film is a sports drama that focuses on a high-profile tennis match between two professional players. One is known for his fiery temper and aggressive playing style, while the other is a cool and collected player with a reputation for being unbeatable. As they prepare to face each other in the championship, tensions rise and personal rivalries threaten to boil over. The film takes a fun and entertaining look at the world of professional tennis, highlighting the intense pressure and fierce competition that can drive even the most skilled athletes to their limits.

Battle of the Sexes


Director: Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton

Cast: Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Andrea Riseborough, Sarah Silverman, Bill Pullman

Run time: 2 hours 1 minute

The film is based on a true story and portrays a significant event in the history of tennis. The story revolves around a tennis match that becomes a symbol of gender equality and empowerment. The match, between a male and female tennis player, is widely publicized and creates a media frenzy. The players’ personal lives are also depicted, highlighting the pressures and challenges they face off the court. The film takes a fun and uplifting approach to the serious themes of gender discrimination and social change, and showcases the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The Miracle Season