Tennis is a very beautiful, especially attractive and popular sport. There is no place for numerous teams here. single players take part in tennis tournaments, whose actions cannot be lost against the background of the game of other athletes.

Also, do not forget that tennis is a great hobby that will take you and your sense of self to a new level. The game not only gives you a beautiful, fit figure, but also teaches you to be balanced, harmonious and calculating.

You can try the game of tennis at any age! If you have never held a racket in your hands, it is definitely worth taking the time to play. If you do not have equipment, and there are no courts nearby either, do not despair, rental services will definitely help you! Rent a car to comfortably get to any available court in the city, and rent equipment. By the way, cars for rent can be useful to you not only during everyday movements, but also when traveling, because car rental services are literally all over the world – car rental Dubai, Miami and other resort places will really please you.

Lawn tennis definitely has health benefits and is considered one of the safest sports. Tennis has a positive effect on the relaxation of muscles that are in a state of hypertonia. In addition, with strong, consistent, frequent muscle tension, endorphins are produced, which has a very good effect on the work of the body. During the game, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are trained. This kind of sport is suitable not only for those who seek to relax physically, but also emotionally: the game helps to relieve not only muscle, but also psychological stress. Due to the increased concentration in the process, after – there is a sharp relaxation, this is a change of states and gives its own healing effect. The processes of the origin of new nerve cells are accelerated, reaction and coordination are improved. Assertiveness, energy, improvement of memory and thinking – all this is also inherent in people engaged in tennis.

A tennis player must be or become a very self-confident person. His path, victories, defeats depend only on his efforts. We want to introduce you to such strong, self-confident people, if you haven’t met them yet. Let’s take a look at the best tennis players around the world.

Novak Djokovic

The sports career of one of the best tennis players in the world began very early, at the age of 4. Since 2003, the athlete began to take part in adult tournaments. Djokovic’s high—profile victories include the AustralianOpen in 2008, 2011 and 2015, a triumph at the Wimbledon finals and the US Open. Djokovic managed to win 10 Grand Slam tournaments, and this is far from the end. We are sure that Djokovic will show his result more than once.

Roger Federer

A native of Switzerland, the brilliant Roger Federer never ceases to please his fans. The tennis player has 17 Grand Slam titles in his piggy bank. Despite the available results, the tennis player continues to work hard on himself and competently performs at tournaments. We are sure that Roger has a great future!

Roy Emerson

The history of this athlete is interesting primarily because Roy was a leading amateur tennis player, which distinguishes the athlete from his contemporaries. All the best tennis players of that time played in the pros. The tennis player achieved really incredible results, won the Grand Slam more than a dozen times, which for a long time remained an absolute record. In 2000, Pete Sampras won the 13th victory and updated Emerson’s record.

Pete Sampras. If you haven’t heard of this man yet, then this is one of the most famous American tennis players. Pete certainly has something to brag about. There is far more than one reward in his piggy bank! The youngest champion of the US Open. Pete Sampras is a player who managed to win Wimbledon gold three times in a row! That’s definitely pride!


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