As a student-athlete, balancing academic studies and athletic pursuits can be a challenging task. But for student tennis players, this challenge is compounded by the intense physical and mental demands of the sport. From early morning practices to evening training sessions, homework, and competitions, the life of a student tennis player is full of hard work and dedication. 

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a typical day in the life of a student tennis player, exploring their routine, challenges, and rewards. From the importance of nutrition and sleep to the skills they develop both on and off the court, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to be a successful student tennis player.



So, what does the typical day look like for a student tennis player?


The day starts early for a student tennis player. They usually wake up around 6:00 am to eat a nutritious breakfast and stretch. This is important to help them get their muscles warm and ready for the day ahead. They may have a quick practice session before school or university to work on their footwork, serving, or other skills.

Midday Studying

The student tennis player then heads to school or university. This can be challenging because they have to balance their academic studies with their tennis training and competitions. They have to make sure they attend all their classes and complete their homework on time. Some student tennis players may also participate in extracurricular activities such as student government, clubs, or volunteering.

Afternoon Training

After school or university, the student tennis player heads to the tennis court for their afternoon training session. This can last from two to three hours and includes a combination of drills, live ball play, and match play. The coach works with the player on their techniques, tactics, and mental skills. They also provide feedback and advice on how to improve their game.

Dinner and Homework

After training, the student tennis player eats dinner and does their homework. Dinner is an important meal because it provides the player with the energy and nutrients they need to perform at their best. They also take some time to rest and recover before their next training session.

Evening Training

The student tennis player has an evening training session, which is similar to the afternoon session but may include more match play or scrimmage. This is an opportunity for the player to work on their strategies, shot selection, and consistency.


After their evening training session, the student tennis player takes a shower and gets ready for bed. They may spend some time reviewing their day and reflecting on their performance. They may also read up on the game or talk to their coach to get feedback and advice. Bedtime is usually around 10:00 pm, as the player needs to make sure they get enough rest to be fresh and ready for the next day.

How to Stay on Top of All Plans?

Here are a few tips for student tennis players to help them manage their daily routines:

  1. Plan ahead

Make a schedule or to-do list to help manage time effectively and stay organized. Plan out daily training sessions, classes, homework, meals, and personal time in advance.

  1. Prioritize rest and recovery

Sleep is essential for physical and mental recovery, so make sure to get enough sleep each night. Incorporate stretching, foam rolling, and other recovery techniques into your daily routine to keep your body in top shape.

  1. Fuel your body properly

Eating a balanced diet is key to fueling your body for training and competition. Eat nutritious meals and snacks to provide energy and support recovery.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for staying hydrated and maintaining optimal performance on the court.

  1. Find a balance

Find time to relax and do things you enjoy outside of tennis and academics. Whether it’s reading, spending time with friends, or practicing mindfulness, taking breaks from the rigors of training and schoolwork can help refresh your mind and boost your mood.

By incorporating these tips into their daily routine, student tennis players can better manage their time and stay on top of their training, schoolwork, and overall well-being.


3 Crucial Character Traits for Student Tennis Players

Firstly, student tennis players have to be very organized and efficient with their time. They have to plan their days carefully so they can get everything done. This includes not only their training and school work but also their meals, sleep, and personal time. In addition, they have to be able to handle the pressure of competition and perform at their best when it matters most. This requires mental toughness and the ability to focus and execute under pressure.

Secondly, student tennis players also have to be self-motivated and disciplined. They have to be able to push themselves to improve every day, even when they don’t feel like it. This requires a strong work ethic and the determination to reach their goals. They also have to be willing to make sacrifices, such as missing social events or spending less time with family and friends, to pursue their dreams.

And lastly, student tennis players have to be not just physically and technically skilled but also mentally strong. The game of tennis requires focus, determination, and the ability to handle pressure and perform at their best when it matters most. Student tennis players have to be able to motivate themselves to push through tough training sessions and competitions and to bounce back from setbacks and losses. 

They also have to be able to manage the stress of balancing academics and athletics, while also maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. The mental and emotional demands of being a student tennis player require discipline, resilience, and a strong support system. But for those who can rise to the challenge, the rewards are numerous and long-lasting, both on and off the court.

In Conclusion

A day in the life of a student tennis player is a busy one, filled with early mornings, training sessions, school, and homework. However, with hard work and dedication, student tennis players can achieve their goals and become successful in both academics and sports. The discipline, time management, and mental toughness skills they develop through their experiences on the court will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.


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