Your college years may be the best time to learn new things. You are young, full of energy, and more open to something new than you will ever be. It is also a perfect time to care for your physical and mental health, and sports can be a perfect outlet for your emotions and energy. Tennis might be a perfect choice if you want to practice sports but have no clue what to pick up. 

If you want to get the most out of your experience, you need to dedicate time to show up at court and practice. Manage your homework with some help from a paper writer website and get extra time to polish your skills. Even if you don’t want to pursue a career in a big sport, it is still recommended to show up for training 3-4 times per week. So, grab your racquet and start playing to strengthen your body, train your brain, and have fun. 

It is available to everyone

Anyone can start playing tennis, regardless of age, gender, occupation, or skill level. You can always find a partner to warm up and play with and find a court available in your town. Let the best essay writing services help you with your assignments, and rush to your nearest sports complex to see the options if you want to play. You can also save a penny and rent equipment instead of buying it. 


You can also look for opportunities your college offers. Sign up for free training or join your local team to immerse yourself in the world of this unique sport. Who knows, you may be the next rising star of the court. 

Intense body workout

If you want to train your body strength but hate going to the gym, tennis is a perfect option for you. You can view it as a set of exercises. It is a versatile activity where you master a technique that helps work on your upper and lower body equally. There are additional benefits of playing tennis for your health:


  • Increasing bone density; 
  • Increasing aerobic capacities;
  • Improving metabolic functions; 
  • Better muscle tone and flexibility;


At first, you will be exhausted and feel muscle soreness. Yet, regular training increases your stamina and improves your physical health. The key to success here is consistency. Don’t give up after the first two sessions because the results show later.

Good for mental health

Playing tennis stimulates your brain. When playing tennis, you train your thinking, focus, reaction, and resilience. Most top-notch players can confirm that tennis is a demanding sport that helps develop strong mental health. These skills are essential for any person in the future, especially when dealing with stressful situations at work.


If you are battling depression or any other mental health struggle, tennis can be a source of motivation. It is also a perfect stress reducer and anger management tool. You will quickly notice how refreshing tennis is. You leave negative emotions at the court and can redirect your focus on relevant tasks. It might be better than journaling or sweating in the gym.


Get motivated

You often hear the recommendation to pick up an active hobby that helps you to clear your head and fight negative thoughts. The main benefit of tennis is that you can see results almost immediately. It allows you to stay motivated and active instead of ruminating in your room.

At the same time, it is a good alternative to social media scrolling. When you feel upset or unmotivated, you can go to warm up and practice. Even ten minutes of active training can bring you enough positive emotions to carry on with your day. 

You meet new people

Any sport has a community of people who share similar beliefs and values. If you have social anxiety or are shy, joining a local club can do wonders for your social skills. You meet people who have practiced it for years and learn from them. You can also connect with beginners just like you.

If you attend the tennis court at your college, you can become friends with students from other courses. That’s a perfect way to expand your network and build genuine relationships with others. It is a sport where you never feel lonely or ostracized. 

You improve your time management

Even if you treat tennis as a hobby, it gets integrated into your daily routine. You have to follow a schedule to visit the court during working hours, plan your day, and stay organized. Developing new habits and regular training helps improve your time perception as well. 

After all, you start adapting your day-to-day to-do list to accomplish everything. Adding this sport to your schedule benefits your time management. It is a perfect solution for students who want to become more organized and efficient with their academic performance. 

Reduced risks of injuries

Compared to other sports, tennis is famous for the least chances of getting injured. It is a non-impact sport, which significantly contributes to minimal injuries. Here is some advice on how to avoid harming yourself:

  • It is recommended not to practice active sports if you have chronic illnesses or pre-existing injuries. Consult with your physician to be sure you can start playing;
  • Don’t forget to warm up before your training; 
  • Learn the correct technique to avoid straining your wrist or ankles; 
  • Add other physical activities like fitness to stay in tone and recover from your practice;
  • Don’t try to overwork yourself, be sure to take enough rest; 
  • Try to avoid playing outside on wet courts due to slippery floors;


Tennis is a perfect option for anyone who wants to diversify their daily routines. If you still hesitate to pick up a racquet and start your journey, you can try introductory training before making up your mind. Be sure to look for different options and select the court nearest to your dorm or apartment. 

Ask your college whether there are options for students to join the club and start practicing. You may even join competitions and become a real tennis star in your group.


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