Tennis is not only one of the world’s most popular sports but also one that people love to wager on. This has enabled it to attract a whole new legion of fans who wager on matches, and has also seen existing tennis followers dip their toes into sports wagering. If you fancy adding more excitement to following the sport through wagering, make sure to take on board our tips below for new tennis wagerers. But what exactly do you need to know? 

Choose where to wager wisely 

One of the most important tennis wagering tips for beginners is carefully choosing where to wager. It is crucial to spend some time looking into the various platforms you could wager with before deciding which to sign up with. This will ensure you not only wager somewhere with the best tennis odds but also pick a sportsbook that is fully regulated to operate and legitimate. 

But what else should you be looking for in a top online sportsbook? The most pressing concern, of course, is that they have tennis to wager on as a sport and offer all the best tournaments to get involved with. In addition, you will want to look for a bookmaker that offers excellent customer support, a variety of cool bonuses to enjoy and a range of secure payment methods to use. 

Do your research 

If there is one thing to remember as a newbie to tennis wagering, it is this – you should never place wagers without fully researching them in advance. If you do fall into this trap, you are guessing or relying on subjective opinion (rather than hard facts) as a basis for your wagers. 

Conducting proper research, on the other hand, ensures you make wagers from a position of informed knowledge. There are lots of websites around that carry the latest stats on players and tournaments – making use of them is worthwhile. Whether it is head-to-head records, injury news or how a player usually does in a competition, you should find out what you can before making any wagers.

Start with the win market – and then expand

When you first start wagering on events like the Australian Open, you will soon find there are lots of different markets you could dive into. This can seem a little overwhelming at first for beginners and a lot to take in. 

A good tip therefore is to focus on the win market to begin with. This simply sees you backing one player to win the match and is therefore a very easy way to ease into tennis wagering. After you have become used to wagering on tennis in this way, it pays to expand your horizons. Moving into new markets can help you add even more excitement to tennis wagering, whether you start to branch out by wagering on the winner of the first set or who will hit most aces. 

Don’t always back the favorite 

Many new sports wagerers in general will be drawn to backing the favorite and this is also true for tennis wagering. While there can be reasons to do this, you should not always blindly back the favorite. This is because they are not always guaranteed to win and can sometimes bow out to an underdog. 

In addition, the odds given on favorites can be low, which makes profiting on them in the long term a little tricky. For this reason, it can pay to look beyond low-priced favorites and at other players who offer better value (provided you think they will win!). While the latest tennis rankings can be good for knowing which players are among the very best, backing only favorites every match is not the best strategy to use.

Manage your wagering bank sensibly 

Another piece of advice any new wagerer to tennis would be well served by is prudent management of their wagering bank. It is key to work hard at looking after this and taking care to use it in the most sensible manner. This will help you to succeed in the long term and avoid one or two losing wagers wiping you out. 

The most practical way of going about this is only staking a small percentage of your wagering bank on one wager. This will vary depending on your risk tolerance but for extra safety, most wagerers go with a maximum of 5% of their wagering bank per wager. 

Top tips for new tennis wagerers 

As the above shows, there are some excellent pieces of advice that anyone who is new to wagering on tennis should take on board. As fans begin to add extra excitement to watching matches through wagering on them, finding out how to wager most sensibly on the sport is well advised. 


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