Tennis is the type of Olympic sports game played using an individual racket played by two or four players. The player’s goal is to hit the rubber ball using their racket which was tossed by an opponent and must return the ball validly. Once the player is not able to hit the ball and return it properly to the opponent’s court will not gain a point hence the other side will gain it.

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The Best Tennis Players in New Zealand

New Zealand not only boasted its beautiful scenery but also top-notched athletes. In tennis, the country is proud of its talented professional players and I’m pretty sure you know some of them.

The following is the list of their notable tennis players:

1.     Anthony Frederick Wilding

Tony Wilding was born on October 31, 1883, in Christchurch and was New Zealand’s first tennis superstar. He got the title of world number 1 after he developed a great interest in tennis after winning the Canterbury Championships at age 17. He earned 11 Grand Slams, six singles, five doubles, three ILTF World Championships, two World Hardcourt Championships in singles, and one World Covered Court Championships. He is the first player from New Zealand to have won the Grand Slams single title.

Wilding had gained more accomplishments and had brought pride to his home country up to the present. He died on May 9, 1915, at age 32 during World War 1.

 2.     Onny Parun OBE

A world-renowned former tennis player from Wellington, New Zealand. Born on April 5, 1947, Parun reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon in 1971 and 1972 and was among the world’s top 20 for five years. Parun earned a lot of achievements including being the second player from New Zealand to reach the Grand Slam Singles final and the second player to achieve the Grand Slam Doubles title as well as reaching the finals of the Grand Slam Doubles title.

Parun was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to tennis in the 1982 Queen’s Birthday Honours. Parun became a coach after retiring in 1982.

 3.     Chris Lewis

Born in Auckland on March 9, 1957, he is a former professional tennis player and started his tennis career in 1975 which earned him the Number one junior world rank winning the Wimbledon boy’s singles title, and has reached the final of the US Open boy’s singles.

At present, he reached the major singles final in 2021 which is one of the highest achievements in tennis. This award is given to players who achieved all four major championships in one discipline in the same calendar year making Lewis the third tennis player from New Zealand after Anthony Wilding and Onny Parun.

 4.     Michael Venus

Born in Auckland on October 16, 1987, Michael Venus is a professional tennis player and reached high single in July 2011 ranking number 274. He now plays the singles in Davis Cup matches for New Zealand and is known as the leading doubles player which gained him the highest ranking in the discipline which is No. 8 in August 2019 after winning in Halle.

Venus made a lot of achievements in terms of Tennis and at present, he reached the quarterfinals alongside Putz which took place at Melbourne Park in Australia in January 2022. During the 2022 Western and Southern Open he reached the world No 6 in the doubles rankings on August 29, 2022, where he partnered with Putz again.

Final thoughts

 New Zealand has numerous great athletes and in the world of tennis sports, there are many young people from the country who are making their names and are now very famous like Leanne Baker, Ellen Barry, Artem Sitak, and many more. Truly New Zealand is the top producer of talented people and great athletes.


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