In recent years, tennis wagering has attracted billions in wagers, only second to soccer in the sports wagering industry. 

More and more punters are choosing tennis as their favourite sport for wagering. In turn, an increasing list of sports betting sites are adding tennis into their wagering markets.

But why is wagering on tennis getting popular? Here are some top reasons why tennis wagering is so popular.

Tennis Is an All-year Event

You can never miss a tennis event to wager on every day. The Grand slams happen for two weeks in a 10-month calendar. Other major tournaments like ATP and WTA events feature top stars who sweat it out in court to win the match. These major tournaments are played for 48 weeks every year.

Moreover, you can wager on other tennis tournaments like the ATP 250 and college tournaments with multiple daily games. As the game is also understood, with standard rules everywhere, many bookmakers can provide punters with games, night and day, from any part of the world. You can also place an ante-post wager on future tournaments once the calendar is out and the odds are still prime.

 With this vast array of games to wager on, you can develop a perfect wagering strategy that fits your budget and increases your chances of winning. For example, you can choose to wager just on the grand slams or WTA event and still find plenty of games to wager on.

Tennis is Easy to Understand and Research On

Many punters want to wager on events they can easily understand, analyze and predict the outcome with high confidence. Tennis is very easy to analyze and predict the results of any match.

There are loads of data and information that can help you analyze tennis. You can browse official tennis websites or other dedicated websites that offer you information to assess every player and tennis tournament. The information is always well synthesized and easy to understand by every punter, even if you’re not a tennis enthusiast. 

With fewer athletes in a tennis match (two for singles and four in doubles), you are more likely to conduct conclusive research that will help you win, unlike other games like rugby, where you analyze over 10 athletes.

Low Randomized Factor 

Punters are more confident to wager where minimal factors affect the final results. Th the data analyzed is less bulk and very reflective of the game.

The randomness factor in tennis wagering is minimized. Unlike football, where you have to evaluate the feature and personal attributes of at least 22 players in a game, in tennis, you only have to analyze two players for a singles game or four in a doubles game. You can easily track and analyze tennis players’ psychological state and personal form and understand more relevant data than a football game. 

Most tennis tournaments have implemented the Hawkeye system, allowing you to check the judges and minimize referring errors. In clay tournaments, every shot is checked for correctness. As a punter, you are guaranteed that a tennis game will provide you with the most accurate final result.

High Returns on Your Wagers

The main reason for wagering is to earn money. Wagering on tennis can be very lucrative, with many opportunities to rake big from your wagers. 

Tennis is a game of surprises, so live wagering has fantastic odds that attract many punters to wager. You don’t have to lose hope in your favorite player too early. Instead, it is the best chance to make money as the game aligns with every set. 

For example, wagering on a set winner has high odds for underdogs and favorites. An underdog can outshine a pro in a given set, and thanks to live wagering, you can capitalize on this opportunity. Or, you can witness how a pro pulls an outstanding comeback to win the overall game, with huge odds to stake. One thing is certain, though; you will always have fantastic odds to rake big from your wager. 

Many bookmakers will also provide odds reflecting the players’ strengths disregarding other contributing factors to the gameplay. A good punter will always take into account other issues like fatigue and jet lag, current athlete’s form

A Wide Range of Wagering Options

Unlike soccer or other popular games where you can wager just on spreads and simple money line wagers, tennis offers you over a dozen variables and many market options to wager. That is why it is the second most preferred market line by punters. With a good wagering strategy, tennis will be a favorite game for you to wager on.

Set wagering, tie-breaker, games wagering, and tennis handicap are numerous lucrative options you can select to wager on. Or you can prefer outright wagering, where you decide who will win the tournament. You can wager on the pre-match options or even in the many in-match wagering options, and you will still have many.

Tennis is Fun

Wagering is more enticing when the sport is also enjoyed as an activity. Tennis is a very entertaining sport that attracts stars from different social backgrounds and interests. Research shows that the US account for 16% of global searches for tennis (the biggest portion by a single nation). About 87 million people enjoy playing the sport, and tennis is among the most watched on tv.

Athletes like The Williams and Roger Federer enjoy wide popularity beyond the sport in the US and globally. Roland Garros or The Wimbledon attracts hundreds of millions of fans, thrilled by the actions on cable networks or live events.

Wagering is risky, and many punters feel comfortable wagering on a sport they are familiar with. With such a huge number of people who enjoy sports, wagering on tennis will continue to grow in popularity. 

Bottom Line

Tennis is a very entertaining sport. Coupled with the attractive tennis wagering market, fans and punters enjoy wagering on tennis. Accounting for billions of dollars in sports wagering, tennis is still a favorite sport to wager on. And with a good wagering strategy, wagering on tennis is very profitable. All in all, you should always exercise caution with wagering, as it is very additive. 


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