With Wimbledon now complete after Novak Djokovic claiming yet another Grand Slam, our eyes are peeled on the US Open odds, with familiar faces on top of the boards for another big year. If you’re looking to place your wagers, look at the odds for this year’s US Open – bookies favourites are listed below. 

Online Tennis wagering is most done with trusted online wagering sites such as Midnite Sports Betting. A lot of people get involved because it’s an easy way to have some fun, but there are also many who see it as an opportunity to make some money. However, it’s important to follow trusted advice when it comes to online wagering for esports. 

Favourite to Win the US Open 2022 Men’s Championship

Of course, Novak Djokovic (+150) is set at the top of the odds board for the US open. After coming out at Wimbledon on top, for the seventh time in his career, Djokovic is one of the bookie’s favourites to win his fourth US Open title. 

Daniil Medvedev (+250) boasts the second highest odds, having fresh legs after being forced to sit out of Wimbledon due to unforeseen circumstances. He’s set be some big competition for this year’s US Open. 

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia (+350) is number three – a 19-year-old prodigy – who will once again be in the mix for his first Grand Slam title. After a fourth-round run at Wimbledon, his odds at the US Open bumped up to +350.

Favourite to win the 2022 US Open Women’s Championship 

At just 21 years old, Iga Swiatek (+250) leads the way topping the odds board since she’s already a two-time Grand Slam winner, including capturing yet another French Open Championship this season. Oddsmakers believe this is the year the Polish sensation could be winning her first US Open title.

Also, up at the top among everyone’s favourite is Naomi Osaka (+900), who has captured two of her four Grand Slam titles in this very tournament. Osaka is always a dangerous player to go up against on hard court, so it’s no surprise because she’s sitting so high on the board.

Simona Halep (+1,200) has increased her US Open offs significantly after an amazing run in the Wimbledon final! The 16th-ranked player showed she still has plenty left in the tank and will look to go on another big run again.

How do you read tennis odds?

Player A +600 – this means that on a £100 wager, you’ll stand to win £600 if Player A wins the tournament. If it’s close to the end of a tournament or one player has been particularly dominant, you might see someone with a minus sign (-) ahead of their odds:

Player B -120 – this means that you would need to wager £120 to win £100 on Player B winning the tournament.

Use Reputable Wagering Sites 

There are plenty of sites that offer esports wagering on Tennis, but not all wagering sites are the same standard. Most of them are “adequate” at least, but there are a few that are terrible and better off avoided. There are also a few that stand out to be significantly higher quality than the others.


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