Tennis is an all-year game with major tournaments for both men and women. Since its introduction in Birmingham, England, in the late 19th century, the game has grown to draw millions of fans across the globe. 

Tennis is also legal for wagering, which means you can wager on the ATP or WTA at the top 10 betting sites online. But is it a better sport for tennis compared to football, basketball or boxing?

Best In-Play Wagering Options

Reading the script for a tennis game is easier than other games. As the game progresses, you can quickly understand how a payer reacts to certain underlying conditions, getting tired or even losing concertation. 

Some players are also good at breakpoints transformed or breakpoints saved. You can validate these in a live play and make a more informed wager that will give you instant returns.

Coupled with the fan of watching live tennis games, you can monitor how the game fares and place a more informed wager in live wagering. Tennis is an enduring game than can go on for hours. The odds for live wagers are also huge, and you can earn bi from in-play wagering. 

The icing for live wagering is that tennis is a game of comebacks and surprises. You can rake big when an underdog pulls an overwhelming performance in a particular set when the odds are even over the roof. 

Different Markets to Play

A tennis match will never be short of options to play your best: ATP, WTA and college tennis to name a few. It has more variables and extra markets than many other sports. With a good wagering strategy, tennis is your game of choice. 

The wagering market has fantastic game spreads with great wager returns. This is because they are single or double-participant games, not teams, and have limited variance.  

You can wager on how many games will be played in a whole match, sets per game as under or over the bookie’s value, 

For example, you can predict who will win the set by how many points. Or who will be the first player to score a point? 

Unlike in other sports like football, in tennis, you can only handicap two players at most, limiting the risks. 

Easy to Analyse a Tennis Game

You don’t have to be a passionate tennis follower to understand how to place a wager in tennis quickly. The game is simple to understand, at least from a gambling perspective.

 You only need a few minutes to familiarise yourself with top players and how they perform on different courts and skim recent news on tennis to understand the game. 

As a game affected by certain weather conditions, you can anticipate how players will perform in a certain condition. For example, wind can affect how the ball moves around the court. The servers serving high ball against the wind will have less impact on the toss unless they hit harder, which means they are more prone to wear out faster. 

Courts matter and even good players fluctuate in various courts. Players who are better at attacking will perform better on grass courts, where the ball has a quick reaction time than other players.

 For example, Novak Djokovic is great on the grass courts. You expect him to win more Wimbledon tournaments than any other court. 

Wagering on Tennis Has Huge Returns

You can win huge when you stake in a tennis game. In smaller tournaments, underdogs perform very well, and you can rip big when you wager on them. This is a perfect opportunity to wager a Moneyline wager and enjoy some action. 

Tennis players sometimes travel to key global tournaments for over eight hours or more. Where the tournaments are scheduled to start in less than twenty-four hours, even pro-players can be sloppy on the pitch. And as a punter, this is the chance to capitalize. 

Tournaments also run for a straight week, and players wear out as the tournament progresses. You can correctly predict who will win a grand slam by following up on how they have performed in the elimination and subsequent stages of the opens. Or, when a player carries on with an injury to the next stages of the tournament and against other fit and fine players, you can correctly guess the results. 

Some underdog players have also routinely shown that they are big match players, and you can rip big by wagering on them when they face household names in a game. On certain days, on certain courts, these players have continuously shown their prowess by eliminating stars and rewarding punters who wagered on them in bounds. 

Tennis is Fun

Tennis games are one of the most hospitable to attend on a court and fun to watch. On the tennis court, you are most likely to rub shoulders with the elites of the society, dressed in suits with hats or country club casual. The fans are always orderly with a rhythmic clap and occasional fun moments that break the tensed silence as the ball bounces from one end of the court to the other. 

The small breaks also gather suspense from fans who anticipate and hypothesize how the next round will fare. It is even more interesting to watch long-stable rivalries among elite players who always sweat everything on the court to ensure a win. The matches also last longer, and you can enjoy watching some sports activities for a long time. 

Unlike other games, tennis is played on different surfaces that produce different results for the game. Football is played on grass, basketball on wood, swimming in the water, and ice hockey on ice, but tennis can be played on grass, clay, or asphalt. This twist is fun because you’d be curious how every player performs in different courts.

When you wager on an entertaining sport like tennis, you are more engaged with the wager, and you are most likely to have a positive result in the game. 

Final Thought

Wagering on tennis is both lucrative and fun. You get to enjoy both the game and the wager. To win big, develop a strategy and capitalize on off-the-game reasons that have a massive impact on a match’s outcome. Also, thanks to technology, in-play wagering is a perfect wagering market you can always exploit to win big from in the market.


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