Getting into college is the dream of every high school student out there, and for a good reason. Not only do they get to pursue their education and degree, but they also get the full college experience. However, getting accepted into the school of your choice is a challenging process. Your grades have to be good, as well as your test scores, but that’s just the beginning because you still need to put together your application essay. 

Things get even more complicated if you are a student-athlete looking to get a scholarship or to play tennis at a college level. The competition is very stiff, so if you are a junior tennis player who is looking to play in college, you need to make sure that your application essay is perfect. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the application essay writing guide every junior tennis player should stick to. 

  1. Avoid Cliches

A lot of sports essays are full of cliches, since they all tell pretty much the same story. It’s always an agonizing defeat or a huge victory that has helped you learn an important lesson, or you had to overcome some sort of adversity or injury. Nothing wrong with that, but it makes it more difficult for you to stand out from your competition.

It would be better if you were to focus a bit more on your personality and your reflection, as opposed to the sports storyline. If you are having trouble setting those two apart like most students do, getting in touch with an online college essay writing service might help. At the very least, they can check your essay and help you get rid of cliches. 

  1. Reflection Is Key

If you make your application essay all about your stats and victories, then you’ll have trouble standing apart, since you will be just another junior tennis player to those reading your essay. While you should definitely mention your achievements, the main idea of your application essay should be to humanize yourself, so that you evoke emotions in the readers. 

Let them know how it felt for you moments before you stepped out on the court, or every time you had to push through your limit during practice. Reflect on yourself, so that the recruiters reading your essay can connect with you. To put that into words as well as possible, check out some of the essay writing services reviews, and find one which can help you polish up your writing. 

  1. Connect Your Tennis Achievement to Larger Life Themes

One of the best ways to approach your application essay as a junior tennis player would be to use tennis to connect to broader themes in life. For instance, you can talk about how tennis has made you more autonomous and independent at a young age. Also, you can talk about the value of honing your craft, working hard, and getting better as a result. 

In addition to that, you can also point to constant growth and willingness to learn, all of which are traits college recruiters like to see in a candidate. If you can remember one or more occasions on which you have given back to the community, then don’t be afraid to put it in your application essay. 

  1. Make Sure to Proofread and Edit Your Essay

Even though your grades, test scores, and the quality of your essay should be enough to get you accepted, it would be foolish to risk all of it due to spelling, punctuation, or other grammar errors. Take your time and go through your essay multiple times after you have completed it and check if there are any mistakes. 

If the recruiters have to choose between you and another, similar candidate, and your essay is poorly edited, they will choose someone else. Don’t hurt your chances because of something trivial as poor grammar

Final Word

After all the hard work you’ve put into your studies, as well as tennis, it is time to take another step in your career. Use the tips laid out in this article to create the best possible junior tennis player application essay. We wish you good luck!


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