Tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world, with an estimated 1 billion fans and counting. 

However, as great as tennis is, fans often need to take a break from watching and playing the sport. 

After all, the annual tennis calendar is jam-packed with grand slams and other smaller tournaments, so it’s easy for people to become ‘tennised out’. 

If this happens to you, don’t panic – there are lot of fun ways you can fill your free time that don’t involve tennis.

Don’t believe us? Try the suggestions below! 

Play Online Games 

Online games make for a great alternative to tennis. 

Not only are they fun, but they’re also perfect for keeping your brain active and engaged. 

So, what are the best online games to play? It’s a tough question, simply because the choice is huge. 

However, here are some you might want to check out:

  • Fortnite
  • FIFA 22
  • NBA 2K22
  • Red Dead Online 
  • GTA V Online

Or, if you want a different type of experience that involves real money gambling, then online casino AUS might be the perfect choice for you. If you’ve never gambled online before, make sure to do so responsibly! 

Take a Shot at Different Sports

As a diehard tennis fan, you might live and breathe the sport – but have you ever thought about taking a shot at different sports, too? 

For example, soccer and baseball are incredibly popular around the world right now. In addition to this, there’s also basketball and football, which are especially popular in the US. 

Trying new sports is a great way to broaden your horizon. You may even discover that you prefer other sports to tennis, which would be quite a shock!

Work on Your Fitness Levels

When you’re not playing or watching tennis, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep physically active. 

It’s important to work on your fitness levels off the court, as this will prevent your fitness from suffering or any injuries occurring when you return to tennis. 

To boost your fitness, it’s recommended you join a gym. If you don’t want to do this, you can work out from home using online fitness classes instead. 

Also, it’s worth noting that the iconic Novak Djokovic keeps fit by stretching, running, and bike riding. If you’re a big Novak fan, make sure to incorporate these activities into your weekly routine. 

Spend the Weekend Travelling 

Now that the global pandemic has slowly come to an end, people have the perfect opportunity to travel around the country at weekends again. If it’s been a while since you last did this, don’t be afraid to book an Airbnb somewhere nice and treat yourself to a miniature break away somewhere if your friends can go with you, even better. 

When you return, you’ll be ready to start playing tennis again!


Have fun with the above-mentioned suggestions designed for people who are taking a break from tennis. You’re guaranteed to have a blast. 


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