As tennis is a game of short, high-intensity moments of reactions, speed, and endurance, it not only pushes your fitness it’s a sport that also puts tension on muscles and joints. While being physically fit can certainly help alleviate some of the demands it puts on your body, having the right equipment can also be of enormous help.

While many may focus on the racquet as the key component to performing at your best, your choice of footwear arguably has more of an important part to play. The right sneakers help to ensure that your ankle and joints are supported, but they also play a significant role in keeping you surefooted as you race across the court for that forehand shot down the line.

The latest tennis sneakers are also fashion items, with companies such as Adidas all looking to provide you with the support you need on the court and make you look good at the same time. It can be challenging to select the right pair for you with so many choices, but we’re here to serve up some tips to find the best fit for you.

Why do I need tennis sneakers?

The footwear designed for the court are made to support you as you make those lunges to reach that wicked backhand or twist to chase the lob that’s just gone over your head. The best tennis sneakers are made to withstand such varied movement, also extra features such as toe guards are there to protect them from damage and signs of wear should you drag your toes when reaching for a shot. Normal sneakers will not have the right level of protection for your feet and ankles.

Do I need tight sneakers for tennis?

Your footwear must fit securely to take advantage of the technology within them that are designed to keep your feet stable and comfortable. However, not everyone likes to feel like their feet are being gripped, so if that were the case, we would recommend you go for a wider fit, which would still allow you to benefit from the sneakers while giving that extra space for your feet to breathe.

Making them more comfortable

Once you’ve got your fresh shows out of the box, it could be that you want more cushioning to help absorb the shock and stress on your joints during play. If that’s the case, you have a number of options, including insoles and even cushioned tennis socks. The modern tennis socks have moisture-wicking woven into them, allowing your feet to breathe and afford better grip.

Choosing the sneaker for you

We’re going to look at what type of surface you’re going to play on; it’s important to choose suitable sneakers for those conditions. While there are specific options for carpet, clay and grass courts some of the biggest sellers are multi-surface options.

All court tennis shoes are the most versatile and better for the casual player as they’re also very durable. The K-Swiss Defier is amongst the best choice in this category and have been on sale for over 20 years, highlighting their popularity but it has to be said they’re not ideal in wet conditions.

The latest development in sneaker technology is Omni court shoes. These are multi-use for artificial grass and hard courts; they have an outsole that combines the advantages of grass court and all court shoes. As they’re more modern introductions into the line of tennis sneakers, they also have some eye-catching designs, with the Asics Lima particularly standing out.

Help to find that elusive pair

If you still can’t find the look you’re after, there are so many online platforms dedicated to helping people find their dream sneakers, and that doesn’t matter if you’re looking for athletic shoes, tennis sneakers, or just those to hang out in. For serious buyers, the online platform SoleSavy is extremely useful if you’re after a particular model or signature sneaker. Some of those types of sneaker are often in high demand, but SoleSavy monitors over 100 retailers, checking their inventory and providing a vital link when that certain model is available. This is especially useful for limited edition drops or signature sneakers. Yes, signature sneakers are also available in tennis; as any sneaker enthusiast will be aware of the Stan Smith, and no one can forget those iconic Nike Air Tech Trainer 2 that Andre Agassi played in during the early 90s.

Of course, in the modern era, a host of current tennis superstars such as Roger Federer have designed their own too; his sneakers are described by GQ as most sneakily advanced tennis shoe ever. As with the classics, they can also be tough to find, with everyone wanting to get hold of a pair of the latest and greatest.

However, there are plenty of alternative places to find what you need, too, as there are many sneaker communities and dedicated Discord channels meaning there’s be someone somewhere who will know the best place to get hold of that winning pair.


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