The best training tool to improve your game…fast! – James Blake, former ATP #4


Delray Beach, Fla. – Grip MD is a revolutionary new unique training device developed by two former collegiate tennis stars with the goal to aid players of all levels how to perfect the proper volley, serve, and slice grip.

Grip MD is the creation of former ATP World Tour doubles No. 38 and NCAA Champion Mark Merklein and former Notre Dame No. 1 Matt Daly. The device simply slips on to the handle of the racket, allowing the player to feel the perfect Continental grip.  The Continental grip is used for the slice, serve and volleys in tennis and is vital to a player’s development.

“Having worked with players of all levels from beginners to pros, I have found that teaching the correct grip is the most important part of any player’s technical development,” said Daly, Co-Founder of GripMD.  “It is also extremely hard to teach and commonly misunderstood.  This device greatly simplifies the process, allowing players to find the perfect grip in a short period of time.”

Merklein appears in several information YouTube videos demonstrating how to master the slice, volley and second serve using Grip MD.

“Learning the Continental grip is an important piece in player development,” said Merklein, who won the NCAA singles title in 1994 and the doubles crown in 1993 playing for the University of Florida. “With the proper foundation you will have the opportunity to be the best player you can be! Don’t let your grips limit your level!”

Several high-level professionals have come out and endorsed Grip MD.

“Having the correct grips for your strokes is one of the starting blocks for a successful career in tennis,” said James Blake, the former ATP World Tour No. 4 in singles. “Whatever your goal is, starting at the right spot and making sure the basics are taken care of is so important. The Grip MD will start you on a path that makes it easy to learn and improve quickly.”

“Mastering the serve and the volley requires the perfect grip,” said John Isner, the former No. 1 American who reached a career-high No. 8 on the ATP World Tour. “The Grip MD makes that infinitely easier for you.”

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