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During US Open 2021, YOXOI – the first brand which apply an innovative technology in the sportswear area for tennis, padel and squash – presents the new DUEXTRE™ Match collection.

The first to wear the new collection will be Tennys Sandgren and Alexander Bublik, the eclectic Kazakh champion finalist in the double of Roland Garros who, will show the DUEXTRE™ Match t-shirt and Ultraperformance Match shorts.

The DUEXTRE™ Match collection represents the new benchmark in the tennis market. Thanks to the technologies and materials used, these t-shirts allows the tennis player to reduce the perceived temperature from 3 to 5 ° C which, in a game of a few hours, really makes the difference between having the energy to play concentrated until the last point and lose the game. The “comfort fit” design and wearability, combined with the active 3D fabric, are designed to ensure any movement without any constriction, allowing the athlete maximum precision in movements.

For the collection, YOXOI created Ultraperformance Match Shorts, which stand out for their softness, elasticity and comfort as well as their high ability to expel sweat and maintain the best body temperature.

To complete the collection (today presented with the new logo in which the “Somen” takes shape, the mask of the Japanese warrior drawn with brush technique and depicted in a rectangle representing a tennis court) YOXOI also launches the “Polo” version of the DUEXTRE™ Match, characterized by the typical neckline without buttons of the polo shirts.

A collection that, in addition to the decidedly cutting-edge and high-performance technologies applied and the choice of functional and comfortable materials, stands out for its design and luxury sportswear style.

Giacomo Ruzza, CEO of YOXOI, said: “We are very satisfied with this new collection, it is made up of garments that stand out for their style and design. Presenting it in the temple of tennis, it is proof that elegance and technological research in sportswear go hand in hand. A synergistic action that gives life to a unique and innovative product”.  

All the products of the DUEXTRE™ Match Collection are developed with the patented YOXOI DUEXTRE™ technology, a fabric formed by a bio-engineered weave with an active 3D structure, without any seams, which allows the skin to remain fresh and hydrated, without experience the typical sense of suffocation that occurs when the pores are soaked with sweat. An innovative structure of the fabric, which is obtained by combining two texture layers (TWO) composed of a mix of three (THREE) different fibers (Dryarn, Tencel and polyester).

      The benefits of this technology:

  • Reduction of perceived temperature from 3 to 5 ° C
  • Accelerated evacuation and evaporation of excess sweat
  • Maintenance, on the skin, of the hydrolipidic micro-film necessary not to induce more sweating, with consequent lower dissipation of water and mineral salts and saving of precious energy that can be used in the athletic effort
  • Low thermal conductivity of the polypropylene yarn which rejects external heat
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-odor fabric
  • UV protection from the sun.


DUEXTRE™ Match: 85,00 euro

Ultraperformance Match shorts: 65,00 euro

DUEXTRE™ Match Polo: 95,00 euro


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